Lambo's Feelings is the 312th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Lambo charges towards Large Ooyama with his new weapon blazing and manages to connect with Large; however, much to his surprise, Large didn't budge. Large then casually tosses Lambo aside with his massive jaws. Lambo manages to land on his feet but didn't hide the fact that he was in pain. Large then reminds Lambo about what he had said earlier, that he has never been pushed over before. Large then proclaims that he'll shove Lambo out, and end this right there. Tsuna, Gokudera and Reborn watch this battle tensely. Tsuna and Gokudera couldn't believe the extent of Large's power. It was then that Reborn points out the reason why Large couldn't be pushed over. He states that the source of Large's power is his foot. The two look at Large's foot to see what Reborn meant and immediately notice that Large's feet are safely embedded onto the ground using the very earth he was standing on.

Rauji Mountain

Large creates a mountain behind him

Lambo feels that Large is cheating, and doesn't bother to hide his feelings, but Large explains that what he had done is to simply use his Mountain Flame to stabilize himself, and thus, not cheating. Large than explains the extent of power that the Mountain Flame possess, and fiercely declares that by using this flames, the very earth could be summoned to help him. Upon saying this, Large uses more of his power and creates a mountain behind him to further emphasize his point. The Vongola stares at Large's power shocked, they realize the grave situation that Lambo was in. They knew that Large would be near impossible to budge when he has a mountain behind him, and Reborn even points out, that while Large moved closer towards Lambo, Lambo himself was getting pushed near the edge. Reborn states grimly that it was only a matter of time before Lambo would be tossed out.

Large continues to taunt Lambo, challenging him to have another round with their Dying Will Flames. Lambo refuses, saying that a game wasn't any fun if there was no chance of winning. Lambo tells Large that what they were doing wasn't a game, that this was nothing short of bullying. It was then that Tsuna tells Lambo about the rules of the fight. Tsuna explains that if Lambo lost, the Vindice would arrive to take him, and imprison him in the Vindice Prison. Lambo is shocked by this piece of information but still tells them that right now, his body was bloodless which means his body won’t move. Gokudera asks Tsuna to let him handle Lambo, as he knows Lambo well. Gokudera then yells at Lambo, telling him to do his best as one of the Vongola Guardians. But upon hearing this, Lambo didn’t look motivated at all, he instead tells Gokudera that Gokudera had done the worst possible thing as that kind of passionate thing only withers him up. He states that he had now lost both his Dying Will and his willingness to fight.

Tsuna yells at Lambo to not give up, but Lambo just tearfully says that he didn’t want this. He asks why he had to face a monster like Large, and asks the Guardians how they expected him to win. Tsuna shouts at Lambo, asking him not to cry, but then Reborn told everyone that what was happening was his fault. He says that his theory about treating Lambo like the other Guardians, like a man is wrong. Reborn says that he shouldn’t have bought Lambo to the island, and blames himself for the situation that Lambo is in now. But Tsuna stops Reborn and tells him that it wasn’t Reborn’s fault, but his own. He tells everyone that he could have stopped Lambo if he had wanted to, but couldn’t bring himself to reject him. He declares that Lambo was just a kid, and it was wrong of him to involve him in such a dangerous situation. But Tsuna is surprisingly stopped by Lambo himself.

Lambo's Memories

Lambo's memories

Lambo tells Tsuna that he is wrong, Lambo, now thinking about his past, tells everyone that there are memories from his past that he can never forget, whether it was the kind mama, the charming I-Pin or Tsuna, and all the other interesting people that were around him. Lambo tells them that he was happy to be around them, and enjoyed it more than anything, he tells them that it was his wish to catch up with them as soon as possible, to the world where Tsuna and his friends live.

Lambo's Feelings

Lambo asks Tsuna to always let him be with them

Lambo then tells Tsuna that he has to take the younger him with him wherever he went, as it was him that wanted to be with them. Tsuna and Gokudera are surprised by Lambo’s words but Reborn just smiled. Lambo, now seemingly more willing to fight declares that he can’t lose this fight and in order to face his younger self properly, he had to win. Upon saying this, Lambo reignites his flames, ready to continue the battle. Large doesn’t seem impressed and tells Lambo that he can’t be pushed over. Lambo merely states that there was no telling unless he tried, and says that he feels like he remembers how to use the Vongola Gear, and then points at his curled horns. Lambo then flips a switch on his helmet and the horns begin to change shape. Lambo activates a technique he called Corna Molla Elettro Shock.

Lambo's Power

Lambo launches his attack

Fierce Lightning emits from Lambo’s horns which goes on to pierce the surroundings. Large, simply states that that level of attack would simply injure him, but not toss him over. However, from the lightning that pierced the surrounding, something begins to draw towards Lambo. Reborn is the first to notice what it was and tells the others that the things drawn towards Lambo are Iron Sand. Reborn explains that Lambo’s curled horns served as a coil, which would, in turn, create an electromagnet, that creates a magnetic force by passing electric current. Lambo looks at Large and states that it wasn’t just him that could use the landscape to his advantage. Upon saying this Lambo launches his attack at a surprised Large. The technique that Lambo called Elettrico Ironhorn releases fierce projectiles that head towards Large.

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