Lambo! Lambo! Lambo! is the 310th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Tsuna and Gokudera are trapped within a crystal cage and can only watch Lambo and Large Ooyama. Just then, Reborn arrives and comments on Large's plan to lure Lambo. When Tsuna tells Lambo that he will help him, Large informs him that the ceiling is being held by the strength of the wall and that breaking the wall will cause the ceiling to collapse on Lambo. He also informs them that the way they came through has already been sealed and that they can only sit and watch. Lambo is completely unaware of the situation and tries to get Large to play as his servant. A serious Large grabs him and begins to throw him around, saying that he will no longer be Lambo's slave. Lambo thinks that the fight is just another game since he thinks that Large is timid since they haven't seen each other for a long time. Large refuses to play, saying that Enma is his only boss and that after he kills Lambo, he will kill the others one by one. Lambo still does not understand the situation and begins to prepare his toys for them to play with.

As Lambo teases Large with his candy, Large approaches him and destroys his toys. An enraged Lambo is determined to have Large play with him, his determination manages to awaken the Vongola Stone and upgrade it to the Vongola Gear which changes into the Thunder Helm Version X. However, he decides to take it off since it's too tight for his head, much to Tsuna and Gokudera's dismay. Large tricks Lambo into playing, sumo wrestling with him with the first one to leave the platform being the loser. Lambo happily accepts and Large immediately attacks him causing him to fall off the platform. Large thinks that Lambo is dead and thinks that even if he is alive, he will be imprisoned by the Vindice. However, Lambo managed to use his Ten Year Bazooka and changed into his future self, who managed to cling on the edge of the platform and gets ready to fight against Large...

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