Lal Mirch vs. Ginger Bread is the 179th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Ryohei expresses his anger at Ginger Bread's announcement that he killed Colonnello, with Lal Mirch watching on mutely. Ginger Bread states that it would be too tedious to kill all seven, and says that they easily killed them with the Non-Tri-ni-sette radiation. Lal Mirch suddenly tells Ryohei to back up, and declares that she would fight him. Ginger Bread unleashes his spiders to make sure that Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Ryohei wouldn't interfere with the battle. Lal Mirch gets behind Ginger Bread and prepares to strike, but jumps back, protecting herself with her box weapon, as Ginger Bread retaliated.

Suddenly, Zamza wraps its body around Ginger Bread's arms. Lal Mirch furiously demands that Ginger Bread answer her question, the identity of the person who killed Colonnello. Ginger Bread refuses, and retaliates by striking Lal Mirch's back, drawing blood. Ginger Bread reveals that as they entered the room, they were shot with a sun Box Weapon that had yet to be activated. He also reveals that in each of their bodies, spiders were living underneath their skin. Ginger Bread then orders his spiders to burst out of Lal Mirch again. Ginger Bread speaks of Colonnello shielding Viper from death, and likens it to when the Arcobaleno were created. Lal has a flashback of going to an area to become Arcobaleno, when suddenly a mysterious man uncovers Colonnello's presence, who stated that he was taking Lal's place. Ginger Bread amusedly states that all of Colonnello's sacrifices were a waste. Lal, however, has another flashback of after she and Colonnello were made Arcobaleno, when Colonnello states that he would continue living, and asked Lal if she would come with him, to which she quickly rebukes him. As Colonnello leaves, he tells Lal to live a good life and to quit being a tomboy. Ginger Bread then insults Colonnello. Lal's Dying Will Flames then spread over her body, with scars spreading over her face as well.

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