Varia Arc[edit | edit source]

Lal Mirch with CEDEF.

Lal first appeared during the Varia Arc as a part of Iemitsu's organization. She is assisting Oregano and Turmeric in drawing the guards of Vongola IX's attention to give Iemitsu time to confront the Ninth.

Future Arc[edit | edit source]

Arrival & The Search for the Strongest[edit | edit source]

Lal is the first person to engage Tsuna and Hayato. She uses bullets fueled by Mist flames to easily entrap Hayato. But, when she takes Tsuna on, he withstands her attacks. After battling them for a short period, she comments that in the past, even at her max power, Tsuna would have been too much but goes on to say that isn't true in the future. She switches to her Cloud Flame, using them to fuel her Centipede Box Weapon to defeat Tsuna by using its Propagation ability to force him to emit Sky Flames. While leading the three of them back to the base, they come across Strau Moscas, which are bigger and stronger than the Gola Moska Tsuna and Hibari took on 10 years prior. At that point, she explains Mammon Chains to the group and asks them to cover their Vongola Rings; however, Tsuna forgets about the ring Lancia gave him, and she ends up engaging the Strau Moska in an attempt to allow Tsuna and Gokudera time to escape.

Suddenly, Future Yamamoto comes along and utilizes a new move- Attaco di Squalo- to subdue the Strau Moska. He laughs and jokes with the two while they walk. Lal stops the group and asks if they should be running because at a walking pace it'll take all night to get to the base. She has no comment when he revealed her information was false. However, when she passes through the Non Tri-ni-sette barrier of the Vongola Hideout, she faints.

Lal declines to teach Tsuna or Gokudera anything about how to fight in the Future because they have Yamamoto, who is much more willing to train them. She does not take part in the battle with Nosaru and Tazaru, but ends up agreeing to train all three after seeing that Future Yamamoto had been replaced by his younger self.

Training[edit | edit source]

Lal first explains the dynamics of fighting in this era, complete with the Ring-Wave-Box component to successfully using a Box Weapon. When Yamamoto states that he doesn't understand, she attacks him. When Yamamoto and Gokudera are able to light the flames of the Vongola Rings, she turns to Tsuna, who still cannot. When he begins "acting cool", she moves to attack him a second time (the first being when he was "acting spoiled"), but Reborn steps in and gets him to draw out the power of his Sky Vongola Ring. Tsuna manages to open the box given to him by Lal Mirch to reveal an Arcobaleno Pacifier (speculated to be Colonnello's) that she now keeps.

Kyoko Search & Gamma Battle[edit | edit source]

Hibird shows up, but the signal goes dead near Namimori shrine. Tsuna's Family has high hopes that this means they'll finally add Hibari to their ranks, but then the news breaks of Kyoko's desertion to find her brother. Torn, everyone looks to Tsuna for his decision. He decides that Hayato and Takeshi are to go and follow up on the Hibird lead, and taking his weakened arm into account, Tsuna, asks Lal to accompany him on finding Kyoko. She agrees and tells Takeshi and Hayato that if a combat situation is unavoidable, to deal with it.

Tsuna and Lal try to go to Kyoko's house, but they see that it is being monitored by Millefiore, so they decide that it's no good to follow up on it. They trek around for a while and discover that Kyoko was found by Hana Kurokawa. Relieved, they have a short conversation and Lal accompanies him to go and meet up with Gokudera and Yamamoto. However, Gamma flies overhead, and the two duck for cover, they realize he's headed in the other group's direction, but come to the sad conclusion that they won't make it in time.

After they arrive, the fighting is already over, as Future Hibari had handily, and easily, defeated Gamma. Unfortunately, Hayato and Takeshi, as the two discover, weren't so lucky. They had bad wounds that were suffered as a result of their loss to the holder of the Lightning Mare Ring. So Tsuna and Hibari's second-in-command Tetsuya Kusakabe carry the fallen Vongola Guardians back to the hideout, where Kyoko awaits with fresh clothes for all.

Training II[edit | edit source]

Lal bears witness as Adult Hibari encases Tsuna in his Box Weapon. She witnesses Tsuna utilizing his new Version Vongola Ring X-Gloves, and their "Peak" type characteristic. She does not interfere because, like Reborn, she knows that the only way to bring out Tsuna' power is to put him in a real life-or-death struggle.

Merone Base Invasion[edit | edit source]

Lal's True Flame

When the Millefiore make a preemptive strike on the hideout, Lal accompanies Tsuna, Future Ryohei, Gokudera, and Yamamoto on the infiltration of the Merone Base. She watches Tsuna defeat Dendro Chilum with his X-Burner, and is surprised when she learns that that was only around 20% of its power.

Afterwards, she heads the group and scouts out the next room, but is attacked by some type of Sun Box Weapon. It turns out to be Ginger Bread's. He sets up a Sun Web and blocks her allies from helping her fight. As her loss is foreshadowed, she remembers the day they became Arcobaleno. With new resolve, she converts her life to her Corrupt Pacifier in exchange for Rain Flames to nullify the Sun Spiders. Lal, using her body to emit Rain Flame, jumps up and ensnares Ginger Bread with her Cloud Centipede and runs him through with it, killing the doll.

Lal defeats Ginger Bread's doll

The battle is tiring, and she is unable to walk after a while. She wants to be used as a decoy, but Tsuna takes her place. She is carried by Yamamoto until Shoichi Irie shifts the base around, separating the groups into her and Yamamoto, and Gokudera and Ryohei.

She is set down by Yamamoto as he prepares to face off against Genkishi. When the fight is over, she tries to save Yamamoto from being killed by pulling him away with her Cloud Centipede. Genkishi destroys it, and Lal Mirch falls unconscious for the rest of the invasion.

Arcobaleno Trials Arc[edit | edit source]

Lal serves as an observer for the Arcobaleno Trials that are to be overcome by Tsuna and his Guardians.

Later, she gets captured, along with all the other Arcobaleno (except Aria) by Verde, who used a variation of Non Tri-Ni-Set waves, which only paralyzes them; however, they were revealed to be cloaked in one of Viper's illusions, the real them being safely observing.

Choice Arc[edit | edit source]

Lal originally intended to participate in Choice even if she had to crawl there, but Reborn convinced her that regaining her strength is more important, as such, she never made an appearance during the match. Still being very weak, Lal's next appearance happens after Choice is over, when she runs out from Merone Base with Tsuna and the others at the moment Zakuro arrives and the base explodes, thanks to the new pacifier cover made by Giannini, Lal isn't affected by the Tri-ni-sette. Later on, she delivers Colonnello's Blue Pacifier to Uni.

Future Final Battle Arc[edit | edit source]

Despite her weakness and Tsuna's disapproval, Lal decided to fight against the Real Six Funeral Wreaths together with Gamma and Gokudera. Lal uses her Cloud Centipede to surround Zakuro, but she and the other two get defeated after Zakuro releases his Asura Box. When all of them seemed to be in trouble, Varia appears and goes to their rescue.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc[edit | edit source]

Lal Mirch was briefly seen in Reborn's dream of when the man with the iron hat gathered the original "I Prescelti Sette" in her adult form. She was later seen in the CEDEF headquarters working alongside Iemitsu when Colonnello came as a customer, surprising her. Later, Lal Mirch confirms with Oregano that she was going to fight as Colonnello's representative for the Arcobaleno fight. When arriving in Japan at the Sawada household, Lal Mirch merely remains quiet while Iemitsu introduces the CEDEF to Nana and vice versa, also wondering if Tsuna was remembering the Arcobaleno curse when Tsuna realized that she was Lal Mirch. 

During the second day of Representative Battle of the Rainbow, she observed Colonnello in his real form defeating members of Team Uni and Team Verde, giving an A for his result. She and Colonnello later questioned Reborn when the latter didn't reveal his true identity to Tsuna, which Reborn refused to answer. She then received report from Basil about Team Skull's defeat at the hands of Vindice. While Colonnello and the other Arcobaleno went to visit Skull at the hospital and to discuss about Bermuda, she, Basil, and Iemitsu were attacked by a Vindice that resulted with their team's disqualification because Iemitsu's Boss watch was destroyed in attempt protecting Nana. When Iemitsu revealed Colonnello's intention to free Lal from her curse, she told him that she would also done the same thing for him and grateful for him.

After the final battle with Bermuda and his team and Kawahira removed the Arcobaleno curse, she is the only one to return to her adult form while the other Arcobaleno remains as babies and age naturally instead. Sometimes later, Colonnello proposed her to marry him, which she agreed and sent wedding invitations to their friends. Unfortunately, according to Reborn, they have an argument that caused them to postpone their wedding.

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