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Lal Mirch is an Arcobaleno who holds a corrupted Arcobaleno Pacifier, due to Colonnello's intervention. She is also a member of CEDEF, serving under Iemitsu Sawada, and a former member of COMSUBIN.

Character Outline


Lal Mirch sports dark blue hair, dark red-brown eyes and tan skin. Given her appearance and name (meaning red spice in Indian) it could be considered that her character was meant to have Indian origins. She has a distinctive 'flame' scar on her right cheek that was supposed to be a burn but was later said to be an after effects of using the pacifier too much. She is first seen in infant form wearing combat gear, a crimson cape and an infrared visor. Lal also dons her corrupt Arcobaleno pacifier on her chest like Reborn.

Her adult form, as first seen upon Tsuna's arrival in the future, is far more developed. She wears a brown tank top, tight blue shorts and a tan cape. She still has her visor and dons a gorilla mask on her shoulder (presumably as shoulder armor). Her har length is grown just past her shoulders.

When Lal was an instructor at COMSUBIN, she was shown to be wearing the standard brown instuctor uniform with a matching hat. Her hair only reached to her shoulders. Lal did not have the scar on her cheek at that time, only appearing after the curse was inflicted on her.


In the future, Lal comes off as a no-nonsense type of person. She outright tells Tsuna that he isn't progressing as fast as she'd hoped, and then gives up on him as a student. On an occasion before that, while instructing Tsuna and his Rain and Storm Guardians about Rings and Boxes, she attacked Tsuna and Yamamoto when she felt that she was losing their attention. Lal Mirch was to be the original holder of the blue pacifier for the Arcobaleno, but was unexpectedly replaced by Colonnello in his attempt to save her from the Arcobaleno curse. Due to Colonnello's late timing, Lal still had to carry half of the curse, being that she shared the same physical effects as the other Arcobaleno but was unable to attain the full power of the blue pacifier, which was given to Colonnello.

Weapons and Abilities


Lal Firing Her Mist Gun

Lal Firing Flame Bullets from her Gun

  • Nuvola Gauntlet: Lal first used this Box Weapon against Tsuna and Gokudera and has been shown to fire bullets made of Mist Flame and regular lead ones. It is powered by Mist Flames.

Lal's Box Weapon, Zamza

  • Scolopendra di Nuvola: Due to the Cloud's propagation, her Box Weapon has the Ability to forcibly draw out Flame, which is how she subdued Tsuna. Also, they possess extremely sharp pincers which she used to skewer Ginger Bread in their battle.
  • Mist Parachute Balloon: A Box that serves to alert it's owner to a threat. When triggered, one of the four strings will burn with Mist Flames, signifying the general direction of the threat.
  • Stealth Ring: A ring that can conceal Lal's presence from machines.
  • Shotgun: Lal uses this shotgun to fire shots, an attack of it being named as "Survival Blast", first used during the Arcobaleno Trials Arc, the attack being a series of pinpoint shotgun blasts.


  • Mist Net: Her Nuvola gauntlet can project mist flame projectiles to form a net around its target. As the net is made of flames attempting to flee from it would cause burns.
  • Survival Blast: An attack where Lal Mirch fires several consecutive shots. This attack was powerful enough to completely destroy Verde's incomplete Box Weapons, as shown in Verde's Arcobaleno Trial.


  • Lal Mirch (लाल मिर्च) is the Hindi name for chili pepper, or Capsicum annuum.
  • Lal's Fandom number is 66.
  • Lal Mirch is shown to possess both Mist and Cloud Flames because she is a failed Arcobaleno, but her true nature Flame, is Rain.
  • Lal was Colonnello's instuctor when they were still in COMSUBIN.
  • Lal was the former leader of the COMSUBIN.
  • Lal has an inability to wish her students good luck when they go out to battle.
  • A part of her personality is that she hits her students whenever they make a mistake or fail her high expectations.
  • Even though her Pacifier is corrupted, she is still partially affected by the Non-Tri-ni-set radiation.
  • In the manga, Lal's right cheek appeared to be a burn mark's scar; however, in the anime, it seems as if it is a scar due to her using her Pacifier's power too much.
  • In the 3rd popularity poll, she was ranked 2nd out of all female characters.
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