Kyoya Hibari vs Demon Spade is the 338th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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The battle between Hibari and Demon Spade continues. Demon uses his Cloud Bracelet to summon Roll and form multiple Needle Spheres. The Vongola members are surprised to see Demon using the Cloud Flame and Demon states that it's "his" element. Mukuro and Chrome disagree, saying that his element is Mist. Demon shows them the Mist Earring on his ear that is similar to the one that Chrome is wearing. The group expresses their surprise and Reborn concludes that the Vongola Gears Demon is using are just illusions.

Hibari is confident that his real Vongola Gear will overpower Demon Spade's fake ones and summons Roll. The two then charge at each other with their Needle Spheres. Hibari manages to dodge all of Demon Spade's spheres and attacks him, catching him with his handcuffs and stabbing him in the stomach with one of his tonfa. As Demon falls to the ground, he reveals his fully charged Sun Bangle and attacks with a Maximum Sunshine Counter. Hibari is able to dodge, but Demon says that he missed him on purpose. Demon throws a card behind Hibari, trapping him in the illusory world as well.

Demon tells the group that it's pointless to continue the battle since the winner had already been decided. Mukuro comments that Demon didn't know Hibari and that Hibari is the kind of person who only reveal his true strength when he's cornered. Nevertheless, Demon states that Hibari still won't be able to win against him because his own abilities, compared to Tsuna's and the others, are on a completely different level. He then he heals his wounds, surprising the group. Demon continues saying that he needs Hibari to be a witness when he creates a new Vongola. Tsuna, enraged by this, activates his Hyper Dying Will Mode and says not to brag too much because he will crush his plan. In response, Demon brings out Lambo's Thunder Helm and Gokudera's Vongola Gear Rocket Bombs. Tsuna charges at him, but Demon throws Lightning Flame coated bombs, stopping Tsuna in his tracks. Demon then attacks with his horns but misses since Enma interferes and pulls Tsuna out of harm's way. Enma says that he's here for Tsuna and that they should fight Demon together, and Tsuna agrees...

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