ARTICLE INCOMPLETE. WORK IN PROGRESS. Template:Chapter InfoboxHibari Kyoya vs. Xanxus is the 374th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Dino confidently announces his entrance. Hibari questions Dino why he came here, to which Dino replies that he merely came at the will of Reborn. Xanxus, Mammon, Fon, and Hibari are all shocked to here this. Dino reveals that Reborn had told him to take Hibari's side if he was losing, as it would be troublesome if he lost. The two Arcobaleno wonder what was in Reborn's mind, but Dino shrugs and replies that all he knew was that it had something to do with the reason he decided to join the Representative Battle of the Rainbow so suddenly after being so reluctant. Mammon still puts up a confident face and announces that it didn't matter who came to fight them; he and Xanxus would destroy them all. Xanxus, however, tells Mammon to stand down, as he was heavily injured. Mammon protests, but Belphegor tells Mammon that Xanxus just wanted to fight alone. Mammon desists and reverts to his cursed form. Hibari also tells Dino that he wanted to fight alone, but Dino seriously replies that if Xanxus got serious, he wouldn't stand a chance. Hibari, annoyed, tells Dino that he was acting high and mighty again, but Fon supports Dino. Hibari brushes them off and prepares to battle Xanxus. However, Dino, with a mischievous expression, calls out to Xanxus that he had vastly overestimated his abilities, as he had already lost to Tsuna. Xanxus immediately flies into a rage, much to the shock from Team Mammon, and Dino notes that his fury had made his old injuries surface. Xanxus angrily releases Bester and uses his Platinum Armor.

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