Kyoya Hibari vs. Mukuro Rokudo is a fight between Kyoya Hibari and Mukuro Rokudo which took place in Kokuyo Land.

Prelude Edit

Hibari asks Mukuro if he is the one behind all the recent attacks in Namimori. Mukuro replies that he is "something like that" and promises to bring a new order to Namimori. Hibari says that Namimori doesn't need two orders, and Mukuro agrees, saying that Hibari is no longer needed by them. Hibari tells Mukuro "Right now, right here, I'll bite you to death."

Summary Edit

Mukuro brings out many sakura flowers, and Hibari gets disoriented due to the Sakura-kura illness Dr. Shamal gave him. He then takes advantage of Hibari's sickness and beats Hibari up, though their fight was not actually shown. When Hibari and Mukuro reappear, Hibari is on the verge of consciousness and injured in several places. Mukuro states that he has seen many people with as much skill as Hibari and crushed all of them. Then, Mukuro continues his assault on Hibari and eventually beats him.

Aftermath Edit

Mukuro converses with Ken Joshima about his fight with Hibari and says he will leave Hibari unconscious until they have taken enough teeth from him. Later, it's revealed that the Kokuyo Junior High Gang had actually locked Hibari in a room in one of the Kokuyo Land buildings once Mukuro had beaten him.

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