Kyoya Hibari vs. Gola Moska is the 119th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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The Cervello explain the various components and features of the Cloud Ground, the battlefield of the Cloud Ring Battle. The Cloud Ground is said to include barbed wire, automatic gatling guns, and pressure-activated mines. Yamamoto says that Hibari was their ace, and Xanxus laughs, saying that he was looking forward to the match.

Elsewhere, Tsuna continues his explosive Zero Point Breakthrough training, receiving encouragement from Basil and slight praise from Reborn. Tsuna, however, is still worrying about Hibari losing the match. At the Vongola HQ in Italy, Turmeric is suddenly attacked by a prototype Gola Moska. Lal Mirch and Oregano fire their weapons, but their bullets are ineffective. Suddenly, Moretti appears, using his Addio ability to not appear on the Gola Moska's radar, and hits the emergency off switch on the Moska's back; however, Moretti informs Lal Mirch and Oregano that the Gola Moska prototype sent to the Varia didn't have an off switch.

Back in Japan, Romario asks Dino if they would watch Hibari's match or not and comments on how strong the Gola Moska is. Gokudera, Ryohei, and Yamamoto make a group circle. The battle for the Cloud Vongola Ring finally begins.

While the battle is going on, Dino tells Romario that Hibari doesn't even consider Gola Moska worth his time. Back at the Cloud Ground, Gola Moska flies toward Hibari. Hibari, in three swift movements, sidesteps, blows up Gola Moska in two strikes, and joins the two halves of the Half Vongola Rings together. Unsatisfied, Hibari deposits the ring into the hand of a surprised Cervello and says that he wants to bite the "boss of the mountain of monkeys" (Xanxus) to death. Xanxus merely mysteriously smiles.

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