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Character Outline

Kyoya Hibari is the leader of the Discipline Committee of Prefects, who all are loyal to Hibari. He is a violent delinquent who uses his status to harass other students; however, he prefers to be alone and cares little for his subordinates. He loves Namimori more than anyone ever could and will often say "I'll bite you to death" to those that disturb Namimori Middle School. Hibari is very proud of his school and is apparently the only person who likes their school's anthem, even using it as his ring tone. In the Kokuyo Arc, he adopted one of the Kokuyo assassin Birds' bird . The bird (subsequently nicknamed "Hibird" due to its connection to Hibari) becomes attached to Hibari. Hibird can also sing the school's anthem as Hibari loves it. Reborn piqued Hibari's curiosity early on in the series, and Hibari considers him a worthy opponent, having a strong urge to fight him. His catchphrase is "I'll bite you to death" which he often says before a fight.

Plot Overview

Daily Life Arc

Hibari beat up Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto for using his office as their new Base. Reborn saved them from him and as such Hibari gained interest in fighting him. Later, Dr. Shamal gave Hibari the Sakura-kura virus so that Tsuna's Family could view the Sakura in peace.

Kokuyo Arc

Due to the attacks on students of Namimori Junior High, Hibari went to Kokuyo land to fight the gang's leader. He was later defeated by Mukuro, who took advantage of his Sakura-kura disease. He was later imprisoned within Kokuyo Land but was freed by Gokudera, who also gave him the cure for the disease. Hibari then fought Mukuro again, but fell unconscious due to his previous injuries.

Varia Arc

File:Cloud Ring.jpg
Hibari was made the Vongola Cloud Guardian but refused to be taught by Dino unless he could beat him in battle. They fought in multiple environments so as to increase Hibari's experience. During the Cloud Ring Battle, he battled Gola Mosca for the ring and appeared to defeat it. He then attempted to battle with Xanxus. However, Gola Mosca once again became active and injured Hibari. During the Sky Ring Battle, he managed to resist the Death Heater venom but was injured by Belphegor. He retired after rescuing Gokudera and Yamamoto.

Future Arc

Hibari's Cloud Tonfas

Future Hibari using his Cloud Tonfas

In the Future, Hibari saved Gokudera and Yamamoto and defeated Gamma. After their reunion, he agreed to train Tsuna. Hibari had previously been searching for information concerning Box Weapons by starting The Foundation.

Hibari later defended the hideout against the Millefiore Raid. After this, he infiltrated the Melone Base and fought Genkishi. As Genkishi was about to land a finishing blow, Hibari was replaced by his Past self. Hibari was able to separate the group from Genkishi when his Hedgehog Box Weapon went into shock and expanded at great speed. Later, it was revealed that Irie Shoichi, Future Tsuna, and Future Hibari planned together secretly to fight against the Millefiore Family, and that was the reason he knew about the Raid. Along with the other Vongola Guardians, he was given a Vongola Box Weapon.

Choice Arc

He later left the group and encountered the Future Dino, who began training him once again. After the Vongola lost the Choice battle, Hibari used his Vongola Box to slow down the Six Funeral Wreaths while they escaped.

Inheritance Succession Arc

Hibari Paired With Skull

Hibari paired with Skull

After being sent back to the past to train, the Guardians meet Giotto, who reveals that the 10th Generation Guardians have yet to inherit the true power of the Vongola. After Giotto leaves, Reborn states that he knows the procedure and assigns tutors to all the Guardians. Skull becomes Hibari's tutor as they both posses the Cloud Flame. Later Alaude appears before him. Hibari states to Alaude that he has no interest in being a Guardian and asks Alaude if he's strong or weak. Alaude replies that he's strong but has no interest in facing a child and leaves.

Afterwards, while Hibari was sleeping on the school's rooftop, Skull approaches him after finally finding him. He starts boosting about him being Hibari's tutor and there will be nothing he has to worry about. Although he is easily frightened by a demand Hibari made but once realizing that he was suppose to be the one giving out demands, he decided not to obey him. Annoyed by this, Hibari stood up and threatened to bite him to death, causing Skull to run away.

After Choice

Later back in the future, Hibari and Dino faced off against Daisy at Namimori High. Daisy opened his Hell Hole and defeated Dino. However, Hibari was able to defeat Daisy once he used his Cambio Forma and confiscated the Sun Mare Ring. He later appeared to be killed by Kikyo, it turned out to be an Illusion created by Mukuro. Later, Hibari had his Dying Will Flames drained by Ghost (along with everyone else present). After Tsuna defeated Byakuran and everyone returns to the past, Future Hibari was seen with the other Guardians waiting for Future Tsuna.

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

He was seen arguing with Adelheid about which commity will protect Namimori middle-school. The next day, they start fighting in the roofttop but they are stopped when Tsuna was kicked by Reborn inbetween Hibari and Adelheid's attack. Later he was grouped with Adelheid, Koyo, and Ryohei to patrol around Namimori middle-school third year to protect Tsuna.


Mukuro Rokudo

Hibari holds a grudge and rivalry with Mukuro since he was defeated by him for the first time, much to his humiliation. He really wants to bite him to death no matter what. He has even gone so far as to not bite Tsuna and the others to death when Reborn promises him that he could fight Mukuro again. In Haru-Haru interview, even his name was a taboo for him. Mukuro is also interested in him and accepted his challenge in the Arcobaleno arc (Anime only). Mukuro is also the reason why he hates Illusionists in the Future.

Tsunayoshi Sawada

In the Databook, he commented that he can't understand Tsuna since he's weak sometimes and strong sometimes (Dying Will Mode). At first, Tsuna didn't interest him, but in the Future, Tsuna already gained his respect. Hibari states the only two people that make him joyed to fight is Reborn and Future Tsuna. Together with Irie and Vongola Decimo (Future Tsuna), they planned to send Tsuna and the other Guardians from the Past to the Future. Tsuna also sees him as valuable comrade at fighting and thinks very highly of him. More often, though, Tsuna sees him as a scary person and doesn't want to incur his wrath.


He is Hibari's home-tutor during the Ring Conflict. But Hibari doesn't see him as his teacher and doesn't care about it, only wanting to bite him to death. Dino sees him as his student and acknowledges his skills when he trains him, but also finds it hard to train him since Hibari has no interest in listening to him. Moreover, Dino seems to be the only one who can convince Hibari to stop fighting, though at first, it was very hard to do so. However in the Future, he is able to convince him more easily and always accompanies him if he "runs off" because of his dislike of crowds. They are not on good terms or close to each other, but Dino thinks of him as a reliable Guardian for Tsuna. Hibari doesn't seem to hate him, although he is sometimes irritated by him.

Abilities and Weapons

Vongola Cloud Hedgehog

Vongola Cloud Hedgehog

File:Hibari Cambio Forma.jpg

In the Future, Hibari has become adept at using Rings. His Flame has become so intense that, he shatters normal Rings when he uses them. The younger Hibari is also capable of emitting a massive Dying Will Flame with the Vongola Ring. His capacity to create a powerful Dying Will Flame is due to his resolve; his "Irritation" for others.

  • Tonfas - Hibari's Tonfas have also been shown to have hidden compartments containing other weapons. In the Future, he has a pair that emit Cloud Flames.
  • Cloud Hedgehog - When used, a hedgehog is shot towards the target. Due to the Cloud's Ability, Propagation, the hedgehog can become bigger when it takes in Dying Will Flames. His Hedgehog can forms a huge airtight sphere that encloses a target called Globe of Needles Form. It can also create space where only people are allowed inside called Needle Sphere Form: Reversed. The use of Box Weapons is stopped so Hibari and his opponent have to fight directly.
  • Vongola Cloud Hedgehog - It appears as a Hedgehog with larger, but fewer, spikes than the Cloud Hedgehog. Hibari named it "Roll".
  • Cambio Forma: Alaude's Handcuffs - Hibari's Cambio Forma takes the form of a pair of Handcuffs with spikes on one end. Hibari can multiply it using the Cloud Attribute's Ability propagation by absorbing his enemy's Flames or using his own. These Handcuffs can also increase in size and envelope the enemy in a cocoon of Cuffs. Hibari can then shrink the Handcuffs, crushing his opponent.

Win Loss Battle Record

Character Reception

On November 7 2007, a character CD entitled "Sakura Addiction", featuring Mukuro and Hibari, was released, and became the most successful Reborn! character CD, debuting in ninth place in the Oricon charts. The single reached its peak at seventh place, but remained in the chart's Top 40 till mid-January of 2008. It contains duets and individual songs sung by both voice actors: Toshinobu Iida and Takashi Kondō. There are two available covers; both show one character as the main feature, with the other shown in the background with his back turned. The song "Sakura Addiction", which was a duet sung by both voice actors, was used as the fifth ending theme for the series.

For the second annual Seiyū Awards, Toshinobu Iida and Takashi Kondō each received a nomination for "Best Musical Performance", for their music theme "Sakura Addiction".


  • He is referred to as 18 in the Reborn! Fandom as '1' in the old Japanese counting system is 'hi' and '8' from the same system can be pronounced as 'ba' hence, Hiba(ri).
  • 'Hibari', can be translated into Skylark, a type of bird.
  • His catchphrase is "kamikorosu" (I'll bite you to death).
  • In the Haru Haru interview, Future Hibari said he has nothing against small animals, like Hibird and Roll (his box weapon). However, he became greatly furious when the name 'Mukuro' was mentioned, not knowing that Haru meant Chrome's Box Weapon. This could mean that Mukuro's name is taboo for Hibari.
  • Kusakabe had a name for Roll: "Barinezumi" which is a porte-manteau of Hibari's "bari" plus Harinezumi's (hedgehog) "nezumi," according to the extra of the manga.
  • In a recent popularity poll, Hibari ranked second, with 14,017 votes.
  • He loves Namimori Middle School so much that his cellphone ringtone is its School Anthem.
  • Hibari shares the same Seiyu, Takashi Kondo, with Alaude and Fon. Coincidentally, these three are all similar in appearance.
  • Even though he is still in Namimori Middle School, Hibari apparently owns and rides a Motorcycle.
  • Due to a previous infection with the Sakura-kura disease (which was later cured), he seems to feel uneasy around cherry blossoms, and loses his will to fight.
  • Hibari's bird, Hibird, was named by Haru, who saw it once siting on Hibari's shoulder.
  • In the 2007 and 2008 popularity poll for "The Character I want as a Groom", Hibari ranked first.
  • Character Songs Featured In:
    • Hitoribocchi no Sadame
    • Kokou no Pride
    • Horizon
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