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**[[Yakusoku no Basho e - vs. Millefiore]]
**[[Yakusoku no Basho e - vs. Millefiore]]
**[[Kyou, Kono Sora]]
**[[Kyou, Kono Sora]]
**Friend (with [[Haru]])
**[[Friend]] (with [[Haru]])
**Best Friend! (with Haru)
**[[Best Friend!]] (with Haru)
**[[JUMP!!!]] (with Haru)
**[[JUMP!!!]] (with Haru)
**[[Sore ga Koi no Okite Nano]] (with Haru and [[I-Pin]])
**[[Sore ga Koi no Okite Nano]] (with Haru and [[I-Pin]])

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Ryohei Troubled 2
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Character Outline

Kyoko Sasagawa (, ) is the girl that Tsuna admires and has a crush on. She is the sister of the Vongola Sun Guardian, Ryohei Sasagawa. Kyoko is somewhat airheaded, not questioning the idea of an infant being in the Mafia. Her form is more quiet and polite and not much is known about her true feelings for Tsuna. She dislikes fighting and is always worried for Ryohei after he had obtained an injury fighting for her. She is generally portrayed as a kind and caring character.

Plot Overview

Daily Life Arc

In the beginning, Kyoko is Tsuna's only reason for coming to school. During the Daily Life Arc, she proceeds to participate in many of Tsuna's wild antics. She has, as of this point in the story, been shot by the Dying Will Bullet twice: the first one was when she played Russian Roulette and the second one was when she ate one of I-Pins gyoza.

Kokuyo Arc

Kyoko was not involved in any of the fighting. She does appear during the List Countdown when Ryohei is attacked by Ken. She buys the story that he climbed the chimney to the bathhouse and received a "sprain" when he fell. She also believes Ryohei when he explains to her that the gauze, his broken arm, and missing teeth are all just part of the "sprain."

Kyoko appears once again during this Arc. At the end of Tsuna's flashback due to the Criticism Shot, he hears her being reassured by Ryohei that Tsuna will come back, so she agrees and says she has total faith in him.

Varia Arc

Kyoko accepts Ryohei's story that he, along with the rest of Tsuna's Family (though he doesn't use that term), are just participating in a series of sumo-wrestling matches over the course of the next seven nights. She doesn't like it, but she accepts his reasons for coming home so badly beaten.

Future Arc

Future Kyoko

Future Kyoko

Tsuna Protecting Kyoko

Tsuna protecting Kyoko from Tazaru

Kyoko takes on a much more prominent role in this Arc. She first appears as her Future self and is blown into one of the warehouse buildings by Nosaru and Tazaru . Tsuna stumbles in when she was crying, and before he can say anything, she is replaced by her younger self by the Ten Year Bazooka. She witnesses Tsuna transform into his Hyper Dying Will Mode and watches him utilize his Zero Point Breakthrough First Edition to defeat Tazaru. She is escorted back to the Vongola Base along with Haru, Lambo, I-Pin, and Yamamoto by Gokudera and Tsuna.

Choice Arc

In the week leading up to the Choice game, Kyoko and Haru demand that Tsuna tell them everything about the Mafia, Byakuran, and the Millefiore. While Bianchi, Fuuta, Giannini, I-Pin, Chrome, and Reborn support them, Tsuna refuses to admit to them that there was anything worth knowing. So, Kyoko and Haru go on strike by refusing to do any housework while being kept in the dark.

She eventually recants, and on her way to buy groceries to cook food for everyone, she is stopped by Tsuna (who was misled by Bianchi to believe she had run away again). Tsuna realizes on the way to stop her that there is a difference from being kept completely in the dark and knowing there is something that others are refusing to tell a person; so, he sits her down and tells her everything. She is then able to offer her opinion as to why Tsuna's Sky Vongola Box was being temperamental, which gives Tsuna a clue on how he needs to open the Box Weapon correctly.

During the first Choice battle, she and everyone except Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Spanner, and Shoichi are watching the fights from the audience stalls.

Inheritance Succession Arc

She appeared along with Haru, I-Pin, and Bianchi went to Kokuyo Land to delivered a bento for Chrome. However; when they arrived, Ken and Chikusa told them that she disappeared since the day they returned from the future. Later, she, along with Haru, Lambo, and I-Pin, were almost hit by a missile launched by Skull, but was saved by Hibari's hedgehog. Afterwards, she told Tsuna that Chrome hasn't come back and wanted to consult him about it.


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