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Kyoko Sasagawa is a Namimori Middle School student where she is the most popular girl there. That Kyoko is kind in her nature may be partly why she is admired by Tsunayoshi Sawada. She is the younger sister of Ryohei Sasagawa who she is close to. At school, Kyoko is friends with Hana Kurokawa. Due to a shared fondness of cakes, she would befriend Haru Miura outside of classes.

In the manga and its anime adaption, Kyoko is featured there among other media of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series. Such works include character songs of which Kyoko is a participant among a number of them.

While involved in the antics that Reborn arranges for the group at large, often Kyoko remains unaware of the true nature of events as she is sought to be protected by others. Kyoko is supportive to those like Chrome Dokuro, and happy around Lambo who she looks after when the need arises.

Character outline[]


Anime character sheet kyoko

Her profile

Kyoko is a young teenage girl, with a slender and short build. Kyoko is described as a rather cute girl. Her short golden brown hair (which is colored blonde in the manga on certain occasions) reaches to the back of her neck in length. As with her long bangs her hair style is of various lengths at the ends. Although Kyoko's hair is quite long at the front, it does not obscure her large bright golden eyes.

Sometime during the Curse of the Rainbow Arc, Kyoko's hair had a change of style where it was now shorter. Kyoko had long hair up until preschool [6] in a case where she may simply opt for different styles.

Despite being the younger sister of Ryohei Sasagawa, she does not seem to have any similar traits in physical appearance. As stated by Tsuna's father, Nana Sawada was similar to Kyoko when she was young [7] as they share a similar hair length and some facial features.

While consistently changing outfits in the series, her most prominent attire is her Namimori Middle School uniform. She wears a white formal shirt with short sleeves nearing her elbows. A dark sweater vest is also worn with a red bowtie in lieu of a tie. Additionally, Kyoko wears a gray skirt, with black knee-high socks and brown shoes.

Her future counterpart has much longer hair that reaches down to her back and her bangs appear similar to before. For clothing at this point, Kyoko wears a dark green hooded jacket which is worn unbuttoned to feature the top section of the light green dress underneath. This reaches down to her knees. Dark knee-height socks are worn within a tall pair of beige colored boots.


While intelligent, Kyoko is a somewhat air-headed girl that lives a mostly carefree life in Namimori. This is evident when she does not seem to question many of the odd occurrences in her life, such as the idea of an infant being a hitman in the mafia, or being sent ten years into the future. In many such cases she often assumes these are school activities or harmless jokes.

When Kyoko does question a matter, she is ready to believe the answer even if it sounds too ridiculous to be true. She even believes in what her older brother tells her when he receives an injury. Additionally, Kyoko accepts the answer that a sumo wrestling competition between friends event is taking place despite the lack of facilities and that no one is built for such a sport. For how seriously she may take matters, Kyoko thinks that boxing is two guys fighting in their underwear with oven mittens on.[citation needed]

Intrinsically kind, Kyoko will speak on matters that concern her. Also a caring girl, she is always looking out for her older brother Ryohei Sasagawa and her friends. Kyoko is rarely ever shown to get angry at others, with one of the rare occasions being towards Kensuke Mochida, who claimed that she was a "prize" during Tsuna's kendo match against him. Kyoko also stood her ground when Tsunayoshi Sawada and others refused to explain the mafia and Millefiore Famiglia to her when she had no idea why she was trapped in the future. In response, Kyoko temporarily went on strike and refused to cook and clean until she was given an explanation.

In the anime, when she was a kid, her dream was to be a ballerina. She wants to become the prima and dance in Swan Lake in France. Kyoko also said that if that didn't work out, she would like to become a police officer and catch bad guys.[8]

Kyoko has a fondness for sweets, taking the third Sunday of every month and having an appreciation day where she eats as many cakes as she wants. Sharing this joyous occasion with another, it is the same for Haru Miura who named the day "Haru Appreciation Day."[9]


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Character songs[]


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  • The name Kyoko means "capital city" (京) (kyo) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Kyoko's surname Sasagawa means "bamboo grass" (笹) (sasa) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa/gawa).


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  • In the Card Games, Kyoko is attributed to have Mist Flames.
  • In the manga, Kyoko was shot by the Dying Will Bullet on two different occasions.[10][9]
  • In a 2016 ranking, 500 Shonen Jump readers (split evenly between men and women) were polled on the heroine they hate the most. Kyoko placed 20th out of 45 alongside Aika Hiiragi (M×0), Kyōko Inaba (Jigoku Sensei Nube) and Ina Kawai (Magical Taruruuto-kun).[11]