The Kraken di Pioggia is a Rain-attribute Mollusca-type Box Weapon serving as the main weapon of Glo Xinia. Glo Xinia ranks it as an A-Rank Box Weapon.

Appearance Edit

The Kraken di Pioggia is based on the legendary sea monster Kraken. Despite its large physique, few have actually seen its whole figure since it prefers dark places underwater.

Abilities Edit

The Tranquility characteristic in its Flames are weak, so its strategy is to shave off the enemy's strength with physical attacks. The coordinated attacks of its ten tentacles have no openings and boasts an astonishing destructive power. The sheer number of tentacles also allows it to attack and defend from multiple angles simultaneously.

  • Suction Pad Splash (吸盤スプラッシュ, Kyūban Supurasshu?)
  • Waterspout Defense (竜巻ディフェンス, Tatsumaki Difensu?)
  • Kraken Drill (クラーケンドリル, Kurāken Doriru?)
  • Kraken Devil (クラーケンデビル, Kurāken Debiru?)

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