Kokuyo Land is the hideout for the Kokuyo Junior High Gang. It is an old, run-down amusement park that is described by Tsuna as "a place he went to when he was little." Later, it becomes an important setting in the series, where most of the major battles of the Kokuyo Arc take place, beginning with Hibari being lured there by Mukuro Rokudo.

After the Kokuyo Arc, Kokuyo Land became used for Chrome Dokuro's hiding spot, where Ken and Chikusa also still live. It is located in Namimori's neighboring town, Kokuyo.

Battles Edit

Lively Kokuyo Land

Kokuyo Land before

Some important battles have taken place here:

Trivia Edit

  • Even though it's already run-down, it seems there is still electricity for some devices. According to the artbook, Mukuro has a fridge and freezer for their food supply and a phone for communication, hinted when Tsuna tried to call Chrome at Kokuyo Land, Ken hung up on them. Furthermore, there seems to be a usable gaming console there as well, revealed when Ken was playing it during one of the drama CDs.
  • Since there is no running water, Chrome, Ken, and Chikusa always take baths at the bathhouse near Kokuyo Street.
  • When at Kokuyo Land, Chrome is mostly seen sitting at the corner of the theater where Tsuna and Mukuro fought.
  • Chrome, Ken, and Chikusa mostly eat snacks and very rarely eat anything other than that (much to Tsuna's surprise) because of Ken's fondness of snacks especially gum and because of limited gas to cook. They also don't seem to have much money for buying food.

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