Template:Chapter InfoboxKokuyo Comes Together is the two hundred and seventy-first chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Mukuro and Flan reveal that Bluebell, Kikyo and Zakuro were fighting illusions halfway through the battle. Mukuro also reveals that he had gathered information about the Funeral Wreath's attacks. When Belphegor asks Flan when he is going to lift up the illusion of Mukuro being there, Flan reveals that he is the true Mukuro that he helped escape from Vindicare Prison, much to everyone's surprise. Both sides then gets ready to continue the fight but Flan tells Mukuro to stand back until Chrome arrives.

Elsewhere, Chrome runs into M.M. whose annoyed at the sight of Chrome, saying that she's ugly and to not lay a hand on her Mukuro. However, she directs her to the location of Mukuro in order for her to deliver the box. Meanwhile at the camp, Tsuna is informed of the arrival of Mukuro and thinks that the feeling he had a while back was because of him. Yuni happily informs Tsuna that Yamamoto and the others are also heading towards the battlefield as well.

Meanwhile, Byakuran is sitting on his chair and realize that the Vongola Guardians, the Varia and the Funeral Wreaths are together and orders his trump card, Ghost to take the stage. Ghost arrives just as the Vongola and the Funeral Wreaths continues their fight...


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