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Knuckle's Maximum Break (ナックルの極限ブレイク, Nakkuru no Makishimamu Bureiku) are gloves and a helmet that was first used by the First Generation Vongola Guardian of the Sun Ring, Knuckle. Through the latest Vongola technology, the 10th Generation Sun Guardian, Ryohei Sasagawa, can use Cambio Forma to transform his Box Animal into this same weapon. These gloves and helmet are made of Sun Flames and have the Roman Numeral "I" on the gloves to symbolize the connection to the First Generation Sun Guardian. When combined with the Sun enhancement shot, for three minutes Ryohei is capable of extraordinary feats of speed and strength.

Failing Knuckle's Maximum Break


  • Maximum Combination: A high speed range of punches using both arms. While it is not as strong as other attacks, it is almost impossible to dodge.
  • Maximum Cannon: Resembles the original Maximum Cannon but the attack now also produces Flames that can strike from a distance.
  • Maximum Ingram: Resembles the origin al Maximum Ingram but is greatly improved in both spee d and power.
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