King is the 183rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tsuna executes his Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised, Spanner expressing his surprise that it could be done with a human body. Spanner, however, curiously asks Tsuna how he knew that Moska's lasers were Dying Will Flames, to which Tsuna replies that the only way to melt Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition was to use Dying Will Flames.

As Tsuna and Moska trade blows, Tsuna smashes into the ground, while Spanner confidently states that he received the data. As Spanner summons 2 more Moskas, Tsuna cockily and rhetorically asks if Spanner wanted him to destroy more. Spanner suddenly states that absorbing the Dying Will Flames made Tsuna 1.7 times stronger, which was impressive for a human. Spanner however, assertively states that his Moska were stronger than Tsuna in that regard. As two of the Moska prepare a fireball, Tsuna prepares to use Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised.

However, to Tsuna's surprise, the two Moska fire it on the last remaining Moska, the latter absorbing the formers' flames. With the Moska absorbing the flames and achieving a new level of power, Spanner replied that it was King Moska. King Moska then attacks Tsuna, smashing him into the ground. Spanner states that King Moska was his secret weapon, to which Tsuna asks if it was all. Tsuna then entered a pose for an attack, requesting Spanner to allow himself to show his own secret weapon.

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