Kikyo is the Cloud Funeral Wreath of the alternate future's Millefiore Famiglia.

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Kikyo has a very effeminate appearance. His sharp, teal eyes are made up with a similar shade of eye-shadow. His long, wavy, mint-colored hair is tied half up, half down and he sports golden cuff earrings. He's dressed in a black uniform jacket with a high collar worn exclusively by the Real Six Funeral Wreaths and matching black pants.

At present, his hair is shorter.

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He is much more composed than his comrades, spending much of his time explaining the situation to them and occasionally, restraining them. When fighting, Kikyo will happily resort to underhanded means in order to win battles he deems a waste of time. He also appears to be the strategist when it comes to coordinating the moves of the Six Funeral Wreaths.

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Like the other Funeral Wreaths, Kikyo had been informed of all the opponents Byakuran fought in parallel worlds. As such he knows all their techniques, strengths, and weaknesses. Kikyo has also been shown to be able to move at great speeds while using his Flame Boots, turn his hand into long stalks and can create a shield using his Mare Ring.

  • Campanula di Nuvola (lit: Cloud Bellflowers): This Box Weapon unleashes several Flowers. These Flowers can be used as powerful projectiles, or drain the life force of a person. They can also block Box Weapons before they are activated.
  • Nuvola Velociraptor (lit. Cloud Velociraptors): This summons an army of Velociraptors in order to overwhelm enemies. As stated by Kikyo, dinosaur Box Weapons are much more powerful than normal Animal type Box Weapons.
K Carnage Box

Cloud Box of Asura

  • Spinosauro Nuvola: Kikyo's most powerful Weapon, a Box Weapon placed on where his heart would've been. When activated, it transforms him into a Spinosaurus/Human hybrid with wing-shape Cloud Flames. Unlike the other Wreaths, Kikyo doesn't gain as many feral characteristics, but his power is the strongest, as he can use his Cloud Flame hair to create an army of Spinosaurus, making their forms different each time. In turn, even these Spinosaurus can continue to multiply, creating a never-ending army of dinosaurs that can attack from any direction, which includes beneath the enemy.

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Kikyo's Misfortune

Kikyo before being found by Byakuran

  • The Six Funeral Wreaths are all named after Flowers. Kikyo was named after the Chinese Bellflower.
  • Kikyo's seiyuu, Kazuki Kato, sang the sixth opening for Reborn!, EASY GO.
  • His catchphrase is "Ha-han", which translates to "O-ho".
  • Before he was found by Byakuran, Kikyo was beaten by his employer.
  • Kikyo's Open Asura Weapon resembles the mythological hydra, a multi-headed serpent that is able to grow more heads to replace the ones that are cut off; Kikyo's weapon is the serpentine version of a spinosaurus that is able to multiply its heads in a similar manner. However, the spinosaurus look nothing like actual spinosaurus.
  • "Bellflower" is both his weapon and what his name translates to.
  • His Fandom Shorthand is 99.
  • He has a character song, Kyouki no Hana.

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