The Keys are fragments of Simon Cozzato and Giotto's past which were given to the Vindice by Cozzato and Giotto themselves, to be passed down to their descendants if the time came that they ever fought. According to the Vindice, there are seven keys, one to be shown after every Guardian battle.

The First Key (The Pouch)[edit | edit source]

The First Key

The First Key was given to all Guardians of both the Vongola and Simon after the battle between Kouyou and Ryohei ended.

The Memory[edit | edit source]

The memory that the First Key contains is the one when Simon Cozzato first met Giotto and G

Giotto met Cozzato for the first time.

It starts off as Cozzato walking down the street and Giotto and G run up to him, telling him that he dropped his wallet in Paolo's shed. Cozzato states that he did that on purpose since Paolo's master has been bullying him and he's not making enough money. Giotto tells him not to worry because they just dropped some money too. Cozzato introduces himself, saying he is visiting his grandmother, and Giotto introduces himself, as well as G The memory ends when the two of them shake hands.[1]

The Second Key (The Flower)[edit | edit source]

The Second Key

The Second Key was a Flower, which was given to the two groups after Lambo's battle with Large Ooyama ended.

The Memory[edit | edit source]

Giotto and Cozzato's friend Franco was attacked and in critical condition. Giotto and Cozzato arrive to help and soon find out that Franco refused to give some of his customers 90% off, and as a result they attacked him. Before the criminals left they threatened the doctors not to help Franco, and so, as a result Franco lay there untreated.

Cozzato suggests a Vigilante Group

Giotto holds a flower in his hand, and tells Cozzato and G that he loved the town they lived in, saying that although it was a poor town, it shone like the sun, and the people are always friendly and smiling, but he says that at the same time, the town was a paradise for outlaws, where criminals threaten people, and if the people don't listen, then the outlaws resort to violence.

Giotto stands up and shouts that he has had enough of watching the town fall to ruin. Cozzato then tells his friend Giotto that they should form a vigilante group. He tells Giotto that if no one can help them, then it is time they saved the town themselves.

Cozzato thinks for a while and says that in order to do this they needed a powerful leadership, one that can manage the people. Cozzato quotes "Like the Sky that can wrap up Rain, Storm, and even Sun". He looks at Giotto and says that there is no one but him that can fulfill that role.[2]

The Third Key (The Letter)[edit | edit source]

The Third Key

The Third Key was a Letter, which was given to the two groups after Gokudera's battle with Shitt P! ended.

The Memory[edit | edit source]

The letter was sent from Giotto to Cozzato a few years after they had parted ways. Now, the Vongola had grown considerably while the Simon were building up residences in the island.

In the letter, Giotto wrote that he hoped it would reach Cozzato as he did not have a known address. He said that Cozzato was leading the free life that Giotto always wanted to lead. By then, Giotto had already formed the 1st Generation Guardians and had built the bonds between them, and the Vongola had grown larger to the extent where the police could not recklessly interfere with.

Cozzato proclaims that he will aid Giotto

However, he also mentioned his fear of what the Vongola had become and wondered if the organization meant to protect the things that are precious to them, had instead become a fearful entity to the people it was supposed to protect.

Giotto tells Cozzato that a large war that will be taking place soon, and even with the full forces of the Vongola, it would be very hard for them to handle. He requested the aid of the Simon Famiglia which according to him was compromised of fifty excellent members that Cozzato had gathered.

After reading the letter, Cozzato thought for a moment before replying that he would go and help Giotto in the war.[3]

The Fourth Key (The Inkwell)[edit | edit source]

The Fourth Key

The Fourth Key was an Inkwell, which was given to the two groups after Hibari's battle with Adelheid Suzuki and her Diamond Castle.

The Memory[edit | edit source]

Demon stops Giotto, promising to save Cozzato himself.

Giotto and his Guardians discussing their next strategy to repel their enemy' forces. Knuckle suddenly interrupted and revealed that Cozzato and his Famiglia was stranded and surrounded by enemy forces. A surprised Giotto exclaims that Cozzato should not have known that there was a war and decided to aid them in their battle. But he was halted by Demon Spade, who claimed it would lower the morale of their troops should Giotto leave, and promised to save Cozzato's Famiglia himself.[4]

The Fifth Key (The Document)[edit | edit source]

The Fifth Key

The Fifth Key was a Document, which was given to the two groups after Yamamoto and Kaoru's battle with Demon Spade.

The Memory[edit | edit source]

They revealed that Demon Spade gave orders to his troops to annihilate Simon Cozzato so he could betray Primo. Giotto was later supposedly fooled by Demon, who told him that Cozzato died in his efforts to save him.

The Guardians Arrive

After Demon Spade's troops find Cozzato, they claim that the reinforcements have arrived to help them. But Cozzato is one step ahead of them and states that he knows that they came to actually wipe him and the others out, having realized that there is a traitor among the Vongola. Cozzato realized from the third letter Primo sent him that it couldn't have been Giotto. As he never refers to himself 'Primo' when addressing Cozzato; only Giotto.

Having heard his deduction, Demon Spade's troops remove their disguises, revealing that they're actually Giotto's Guardians. It turned out Giotto himself had suspected Demon of treachery. So, they really were there to aid Cozzato.

The Sixth Key (The Clear Arcobaleno Pacifier)[edit | edit source]

The Sixth Key

The Sixth Key is a clear pacifier, which was revealed after Tsuna's battle with Enma.[5][6]

The Memory[edit | edit source]

The memory tells about Simon Cozzato's decision to not pursue Demon Spade and to bury the truth about his rescue since he thought it would require many sacrifices and the Simon would only become the Vongola's weak point. Much to Giotto's disapproval, he states that he would flee from the Mafia world and live in the shadows. Reluctantly agreeing, Giotto makes Cozzato promise him that the Simon would forever help the Vongola from the shadows as long as it exists and in turn, Cozzato promises that the Simon will hold no hard feelings towards the Vongola and the two Famiglias would always be together.

After the two bosses agree to this plan (with G being a witness), a Vindice officer appears with a mysterious baby wearing a clear pacifier, claiming he shall uphold the law.[7]

The Seventh Key (The Oath Ring)[edit | edit source]

The Seventh Key

The Seventh Key is the Ring that was created when the Earth Simon Ring fused with the Ring of the Sky Version X.

The Memory[edit | edit source]

The memory tells about Giotto and Cozzato's confrontation with Bermuda and the specification about the oath with the Vindice. The Vindice tell them that if the two Famiglias were to fight, the oath would be broken and they, the Vindice, would deliver punishment.

Cozzato agrees to the oath, saying that their Famiglias would never get into a quarrel. Jaeger says that if the oath was broken, the Bosses and the Guardians would fight with their pride on the line, and the loser would be locked up in Vindice Prison forever. Giotto agrees to the oath on the condition that their descendants were to learn of the true history. Cozzato adds that if the hate between them is not resolved after their history has been told, the Vindice were free to do whatever they wanted with the descendants. However, if the Families' friendship is reignited and the oath is honored, their wills will become one and their Dying Will Flames shall burn.[8]

The Eighth Key[edit | edit source]

The Eight Key was the final key that the Vindice gave as a reward to both Vongola and Simon after defeating Demon.

The Memory[edit | edit source]

The memory shows Cozzato, his guardians, and some kids on Simon Island, having a picnic. One of his Guardians (resembling Julie) says that they should bring the Vongola over to visit once the situation cools down. But Cozzato says that they will never see Giotto or the Vongola ever again.

Cozzato picks up one of the children, Magi, and says that even though they cannot see each other again, he and Giotto believe in each other, and they believed a day will come where true successors to the Vongola Famiglia and the Simon Famiglia will appear. On that day they will smile together once again.[9]

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