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Rebocon 3

Rebocon 3

Known as Rebocon 3, this was the third Reborn concert. Like its predecessors, Rebocon 3 is a concert filled with the character's seiyus singing their character songs with a little talk. Unlike its predecessors, the concert had some minor differences in who appeared with each performance.

Tokyo Concert Edit

The concert started off with all the guardians seiyuus, excluding Lambo and Chrome, singing the first verse and chorus to Easy Go. Next the seiyuus of Kyoko, Haru, Lambo, I-Pin, and Chrome sang a verse from Last Cross. Interrupted by Lal and Squalo's seiyuu, which did the second verse of Easy Go, everyone joined in at the final chorus.
Rebocon 3 Begin

Byakuran appears

After Easy Go was done, Byakuran and Shoichi appeared. Although, Shoichi sooned got a stomach ache and left. After the seiyuus introduced themselves and their characters, the concert began.
Rebocon 3 Ryohei

Ryohei's seiyu

Ryohei's seiyuu started it off with Hareta Sora Miagete.
Rebocon 3 K and H

Haru seiyu (left) and Kyoko seiyu (right)

Kyoko and Haru's seiyuu came out and did JUMP!!!
Rebocon 3 Tsuna

Tsuna's seiyu

Tsuna's seiyuu came out and sang Hitotsu Dake; during the song, his guardians came out, except Chrome carried the Lambo doll instead.
Rebocon 3 Reborn

Reborn's seiyu

After that song, Reborn's seiyuu sang Ore Kara no Message. In the middle of the song, Adult Reborn's seiyu took over to talk and sing the next part of the chorus with Reborn's arcobaleno seiyuu. After that, Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Kyoko, and Haru were talking when Byakuran and Shoichi appeared to "challenge" them, to let them sing.
Rebocon 3 Byakuran

Byakuran's seiyu

Byakuran's seiyuu sang his Perfect World first since Shoichi got a stomach ache and left the stage.
Rebocon 3 Shoichi2

Shoichi's Seiyu

When Byakuran was done, Shoichi seiyuu took over and sang No Control with Chrome, Lambo, and I-Pin as back up singers. After the song, Shoichi's seiyuu gets another stomach ache, leaving another talk between everyone.
Rebocon 3 Lal

Lal Mirch's seiyu

The talk ended when Lal Mirch's seiyuu sung her character song Burning Prayer.
Rebocon 3 Squalo

Squalo's seiyu

Following Chinkonka no Ame sung by Squalo's seiyuu.
Rebocon 3 Gokudera

Gokudera's seiyu

Gokudera's seiyuu was next with the song Hashire, and
Rebocon 3 Yama

Yamamoto's seiyu

Yamamoto's seiyuu with Ashita ni Mukatte.
Rebocon 3 I-Pin and Lambo

Lambo's seiyu (left) and I-Pin's seiyu (right)

Lambo and I-Pin's seiyuu came out with their duet titled Tanoshiku Nacchau Uta. After that, the choice game began. Choice was where "randomly" selected seiyuus sing randomly selected character songs. The first victim were Hibari's seiyuu, who happened to get Mukuro's character song, Kienai Negai. The second victims was Lambo, I-Pin, and Haru's seiyu, who sang Smile For. Third victim was Gokudera's seiyuu who sang Tsuna's character song, Tsuna's Life. Fourth victims were Byakuran and Shoichi's seiyuu who sang Drawing Days. The last victim was Lal's seiyuu, who sang Hibari's character song Hitoribocchi no Sadame. There was some question and answer segment after the choice game. After that, it was back to the character songs.
Rebocon 3 Chrome

Chrome's seiyu

Chrome's seiyuu sang Namida no Ondo, and
Rebocon 3 Mukuro

Mukuro's seiyu

Mukuro's seiyu followed with Kioku no Hate.
Rebocon 3 Hibari2

Hibari's seiyu

Hibari's seiyuu sang Horizon, that was the last of the character songs. After the ending remarks, everyone gathered and sang the final song Family~Yakusoku no Basho E~ .
Rebocon 3 End


When everyone thought it was over, there was an encore. Everyone, whose character attended Namimori Middle, started the school's anthem. Lastly, Mukuro and Hibari started the last song, Sakura Addiction. This ended the Toyko concert.

Kobe Concert Edit

The Kobe concert had the same setup as the Toyko one except the choice game had different victims and Levi A Than and Lussuria came instead of Lal and Squalo. In the choich game here, the first victims were Reborn and Yamamoto's seiyuu singing Cosplay Party. The second victims were Haru and Kyoko singing I-Pin's song Ramen No Bicchau no Uta. In the Matinee version, the first victims were I-Pin, Lambo, and Haru's seiyuus singing Smile for... Tsuna and Gokudera's seiyuu was next in singing the duet, Oretachi no Yakusoku. The next victims were the brother and sister act of Kyoko and Ryohei's seiyu singing Kyokugen Fighter.
Rebocon 3 Levi and Lus

Lussuria's seiyu (left) and Leviathan seiyu (right)

The final victims in this choice was Lussuria and Levi's seiyuu singing Hokori Takaki Fundo, which was Xanxus's character song.

Nagoya Concert Edit

The Nagoya Concert is also very similar to the others except Mammon, Belphegor, and Lussuria was there and the choice game was different. The first victims in this game was Tsuna and Gokudera's seiyuu singing Oretachi no Yakusoku. Second victim was I-Pin who sang Kita no Dangerous. Third victims was the illusionist, Chrome and Mukuro's seiyuu, who sang Kufufu no fu.
Rebocon 3 Bel and Mam2

Mammon Seiyu (left) and Belphegor's seiyu (right)

Fourth victims were Belphegor and Mammon's seiyuu who sang Lal Mirch's Burning Prayer. The fifth victim was Hibari and Reborn's seiyuu singing one Lambo and I-Pin's (Gyouza Gyuudon Set no Uta) song. Although, the choice machine went crazy and that choice was never heard.
Rebocon 3 Lussuria

Lussuria's Seiyus and his guitar

However, Lussuria's seiyuu, with his red heart shaped guitar, came in and sang Smile for...

Character Seiyus Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Tsuna's seiyu had a Vongola Box on her jumpsuit that she was wearing during Hitotsu Dake.
  • Ryohei's seiyu also had a Vongola Box with him while singing Hare-ta Sora Miage-te.
  • A Lambo and Reborn doll appeared.

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