Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Vongola Saikyo no Carnival 4 RED, also known as REBOCON 4 RED, was the fourth Reborn concert. Like its predecessors, REBOCON 4 RED is a concert filled with the character's seiyuus singing their character songs with a little talk. Unlike its predecessors, the concert had a counterpart concert called REBOCON 4 BLUE.

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The concert started off with all the guardians seiyuus, excluding Lambo and Chrome, singing the chorus and first verse to LISTEN TO THE STEREO!! with Reborn's seiyuu. Dino's, Basil's, Kyoko's, and Haru's seiyuus join in as they start the chorus again. Next, Lambo's and Chrome's seiyuus come on stage starting the second verse.

Basil's and Tsuna's seiyus

Terasaki and Kokubun performing RIGHT NOW

After Listen To The Stereo was done, the seiyuus introduced themselves and their characters, then the concert began. Tsuna's and Basil's started it off with their duet, RIGHT NOW . Yamamoto's seiyuu then walks on stage with an umbrella and sings Ame no Message. Next, Kyoko's, Haru's, Chrome's, and Lambo's seiyuus preform Tatta Latta without I-Pin's seiyuu as she was not there; during their song, all four seiyuus had umbrellas and did a little dance with it. After that, the 7 seiyus who just sang come back on stage and all talk about their songs and other things with Reborn's seiyuu. Dino's seiyuu then comes on stage to sing Be More. Then is Reborn's seiyuu with Destiny. Next comes Mukuro's seiyuu singing Kioku no Hate from the Dai 3 Dai [Mukuro/Chrome] album as Mukuro was not featured in RED ~famiglia~.

After Mukuro's song, the last 3 seiyuus who sang come back on stage to talk with Tsuna's seiyuu. Ryohei's seiyuu appears on the stage and Reborn runs away. The three seiyuus leave the stage Ryohei being left there. Ryohei then introduce the teams for the Vongola Family Song Battle. The teams were, Team Hedgehog (Hibari, Dino, Chrome, and Mukuro), Team Cow (Lambo, Kyoko, and Haru), Team Dog (Yamamoto, Basil, and Gokudera), and Team Lion (Tsuna, Reborn, and Ryohei). Lussuria's seiyuu appears as the judge.

The Battle starts with Team Lion's Reborn and Ryohei singing friend in tutu like skirts and bows on their heads. Battling Team Lion is Team Cow with Lambo singing Lal Mirch's Burning Prayer. Lussuria picked the winner and it was Team Lion. Up next is Team Dog's Basil and Gokudera singing Shoichi Irie's No Control in nerdy looking glasses with Lambo, Kyoko, and Haru as backup dancers. Battling Team Dog was Team Hedgehog's Dino and Mukuro singing Mukuro's song Kufufu No Fu with Chrome, Tsuna, Reborn, and Hibari as the backup dancers. Lussuria picked Team Hedgehog as the winner. Team Lion and Team Hegdehog then battled to be winner, Team Lion was up first. All of Team Lion got up to sing Famiglia, then Team Hedgehog's Chrome got up to sing her song Setsuna No Kioku. The winner was Team Hedgehog. Team Lion was wearing sunglasses but Lussuria's seiyu claimed that only he was allowed the sunglass look, explaining Team Hedgehog's win.

Next was the Batsu Game, Gokudera's seiyuu had to usher fans, Lambo's seiyuu was selling CDs, and Haru's seiyuu was giving out pamphlets, unlucky for Haru, no one was really listening to her. Then Hibari sang a solo, Gamma's Believe in You. Then Gokudera came out, he sang YELL. After that, Ryohei came out and sang Mata Ashita followed by Hibari sang Akashi.They sang mirai oozora e. After that, the first encore started. Tsuna, Reborn, Gokudera, and Yamamoto stayed on the stage. Dino and Hibari were on the 3rd balcony. Basil and Mukuro were on the 2nd balcony. Haru and Lambo were on the 1st balcony. Ryouhei and Kyouko were at the arena. They sang 88 and EASY GO. And for the last, they always sang Family (vs. Millefiore). They say thank you and goodbye to everyone and that's how the concert ended.

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