Rebocon 2

Rebocon 2

Reborn Concer 2009, otherwise known as ReboCon 2009, was a Japanese concert performed by the voice actors of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! characters came together and participated in a concert. The voice actors would mostly act like the characters they portray and wear costumes that matched the characters, they would sing some of their recent character songs and have a small talk session in between.


The concert begins with Drawing days playing while NEEKO and Yukari Kokubun (the respective voice actresses for Reborn and Tsuna) appear and sing along, they are followed by Hidekazu Ichinose and Inoue Suguru (the voices of Hayato Gokudera and Takeshi Yamamoto). 

Yuuna Inamura (voice of Kyoko Sasagawa), Yoshida Hitomi (voice of Haru Miura), Li-Mei Chiang (voice of I-Pin) and Junko Takeuchi (voice of Lambo) follow them by singing DIVE TO WORLD. Hidenobu Kiuchi (voice of Ryohei Sasagawa) and Toshinobu Iida (voice of Mukuro Rokudo) also come out and sing to 88.

While greeting everyone, three unexpected guests arrive. Kouichirou Yuzawa (voice of Lussuria), Yuuki Fujiwara (voice of Belphegor), and Hiroki Takahashi (voice of Superbia Squalo arrive and introduce themselves and the characters they voice.

After the introduction, the concert begans with Kokubun performing Mamorubeki Mono. She's followed by Inamura and Hitomi who sing Best Friend!. Neeko came after the two and sang Cosplay Party. Fujiwara followed and sang Arashi no Ouji

After a brief conversation, Masanori Ikeda (voice of Xanxus performs the song, FLAMING RAGE. Inamura sings Kyou, Kono Sora, which is followed by Ichinose and Suguru singing a duet of Oretachi no JOY!, and Hitomi singing Kita no Dangerous. Takeuchi and Chiang performed a duet of Gyoza Gyuudon Setto no Uta], with Kiuchi supposedly to accompany the two of them with his refusal and Iida forced to do the job and dancing in the background.

Character's Seiyuu's


  • Surprisingly, Hibari's seiyu, Takashi Kondo, did not appear in the concert. He did have a moment on the video screen to tell everyone that he was sick and couldn't make it.
  • This concert was around the time of the Varia Arc; thus Lussuria, Belphegor, and Squalo's seiyu appeared.
  • Chrome's seiyu was not in this concert; even though it was based on the Varia Arc with the ring battles.
  • A running gag through the concert was that Squalo's seiyu had a green pillow and kept throwing it at Yamamoto's seiyu.
  • The Varia members were dressed up with their Varia outfit with major modification. But still, with their attire they made them easy to recognize.
    • Squalo wore a coat similar to the coat ten years later along a white fedora hat with a spider web design.
    • Bel wore his Varia uniform with tight jeans instead of Varia's slacks.
    • Lussuria wore his usual outfit with a black magician's hat with playing card's symbols.


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