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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! DS Ore ga Boss! Saikyou Family Taisen, often simply shortened to OreBoss, is a game for the Nintendo DS. The official site describes it as a "famiglia creation sim." You, as the player character, become the boss of a new mafia family, loosely follow the storyline of Reborn!, and fight/recruit a large number of the series' characters into your Family. Aside from your created character, you cannot play as the recruitable characters/team members.


The main aspect of gameplay revolves around maintaining towns/areas (Namimori, Kokuyo, Millefiore territory, etc.) in a life simulation style. Buildings generate income, but some can also be used for specific functions such as creating rings, maintaining box animals, buying new character costumes, etc. You can walk around each area as well, enter buildings and interact with characters in the street. New areas can be acquired by completing key battles against the area's occupants, who can subsequently be recruited.

Character recruitment grows more complicated the stronger the character. Some require only a correct answer to a question, whereas others force you to bring them specific items before they will join. A small number join automatically, as part of the storyline.

Battles take place at key points of unconquered areas, against the area's occupants. They take the form of a series of minigames, each of which plays to the strength of a different character. Winning a majority results in overall victory. A character's potential for success is determined by their statistics (Dying Will Flame, Power, Intelligence, Agility, and Style), and each minigame focuses on a different one. Aside from the player character, you can't control members of your Family - so, training them at an area's dojo to increase a specific stat will increase their chances of success. There are 6 battle minigames (Survival Quiz, Crash Bikes, Hybrid Sumo, Dresser Contest, Giant Hockey, and Box Animal Colosseum) and 3 dojo training minigames (Floor Cleaning, Waterfall Meditation and Focused Sitting).

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