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Katekyō Hitman Reborn! DS Flame Rumble XX - Kessen! Real 6 Chouka is the fifth video game of the Flame Rumble series for the DS. Featuring all previous playable characters plus the Six Funeral Wreaths and more, this one has more characters than all previous versions. The total number of characters has reached number 100, having 59 playable characters and 41 support characters in total. Most of the new additions take place at Choice.


In addition to the new characters, many of the old characters' moves have been upgraded, in keeping with the characters' abilities at the time of its release.

The game is the first to feature Wi-Fi battles and a Fiamma Voltage counter for combos and special attacks. It also features the Choice Battle mode, where four characters are selected per team similar to the series' Choice battle. There is no "Void" element on the Gyro Roulette during the selection of characters.

Flame Rumble XX also retains the support characters. Sixteen new support characters have been added, bringing the character count to a total of forty-one. The player is now able to use two support characters and use Hyper Explosion, which uses up both supports, but increases your status, deals damage to enemy and disable the use of enemies' special moves, box, and support characters for a short period of time.

List of Playable Characters[]



Kokuyo Gang[]


List of Support Characters[]

Characters Special Moves[]

Vongola (ボンゴレ)[]

  1. Jet Attack (ジェットアタック)
  2. Mantello di Vongola Primo (I世のマント)
  3. X-Burner (X-BURNER)
  4. Mitena di Vongola Primo (I世のガントレット)
  1. Vongola's Trial (ボンゴレの試練)
  2. Megaton Punch Bullet (メガトンパンチ弾)
  3. Staring Game Bullet (にらめっこ弾)
  1. Hitman Rush (ヒットマンラッシュ)
  2. Tree Cosplay (植木のコスプレ)
  3. The Best Bazooka (とっておきのバズーカ)
  • 7³ Suit Reborn (7³ スーツ リボーン)
  1. Hitman Rush (ヒットマンラッシュ)
  2. Tree Cosplay (植木のコスプレ)
  3. The Best Bazooka (とっておきのバズーカ)
  1. Dying Will's Zero Point Breakthrough (死ぬ気の零地点突破)
  2. Mantello di Vongola Primo (I世のマント)
  3. Zero Point Breakthrough's Extremity (零地点突破の極み)
  1. Pantera Tempesta (パンテーラ・テンペスタ)
  2. Flame Launcher (フレイムランチャー)
  3. Flame Inflation (フレイムインフレーション)
  4. G's Archery (Gの弓矢)
  1. Scontro di Rondine (スコントロ・ディ・ローンディネ)
  2. Splashing Rain (繁吹き雨)
  3. Duplicate Rain (うつし雨)
  4. Asari Ugetsu's Four Irregular Swords (朝利雨月の変則四刀)
  1. Extreme Rush (極限ラッシュ)
  2. Maximum Cannon (極限キャノン)
  3. True Extreme Upper (真極限アッパー)
  4. Knuckle's Maximum Break (ナックルの極限ブレイク)
  1. To Le Rate (が・ま・ん)
  2. Boss' Present (ボスのプレゼント)
  3. Lampow's Shield (ランポウの盾)
  • 10 Years Later Lambo (10年後ランボ)
  1. Electrico Tifone (エレットゥリコ・ティフォーネ)
  2. Electrico Cornata (エレットゥリコ・コルナータ)
  3. 20 Years Later Lambo (20年後ランボ)
  1. I Don't Need 2 Orders in Namimori (並盛に2つ秩序はいらない)
  2. Are You Ready? (覚悟はいいかい?)
  3. Porcospino Nuvola Rampage (暴走雲ハリネズミ)
  4. Alaudi's Handcuffs (アラウディの手錠)
  1. Poison Cooking (ポイズンクッキング)
  2. Smooth Mud Dumplings (ツルツルドロ団子)
  3. Thousand Poisonous Flowers (千紫毒万紅)
  1. Straight (一気通貫)
  2. I Can See An Idiot (馬鹿が見える)
  3. Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion (筒子時限超爆)
  • 10 Years Later I-Pin (10年後イーピン)
  1. Ultra Ternary (超三元)
  2. Ten Thousand Chaotic Dim-Sum (点心乱萬)
  3. Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion (筒子時限超爆)
  1. Prancing Horse Dance (跳ね馬乱舞)
  2. Enzo (エンツィオ)
  3. Prancing Horse Dance Chaotic Bloom (跳ね馬乱舞・乱れ咲き)
  1. Cutting Circle Dance (円舞斬)
  2. Cutting Bird Appeal (鳥檄斬)
  3. Death Flame Meteorite (死炎隕石)
  • 10 Years Later Lal Mirch (10年後ラル・ミルチ)
  1. Centipede Slasher (センチピードスラッシャー)
  2. Cloud Centipede (クラウドセンチピード)
  3. Balloon Napalm (バルーンナパーム)
  4. Thought to Colonnello (コロネロへの想い)
  • 10 Years Later Dino (10年後ディーノ)
  1. Scuderia (スクーデリア)
  2. Pegaso Super Salto Volante (天馬超翔)
  3. Salto Volante Veloce Come Luce (光速天翔)
  • 10 Years Later Gokudera (10年後獄寺)
  1. 2x2-Fold Bomb (2×2倍ボム)
  2. Spreading Flame Arrow (拡散フレイムアロー)
  3. Flame Launcher (フレイムランチャー)
  4. Flame Inflation (フレイムインフレーション)
  • 10 Years Later Yamamoto (10年後山本)
  1. Pelting Rain (篠つく雨)
  2. Rondine di Pioggia (雨ツバメ)
  3. Scontro di Rondine (スコントロ・ディ・ローンディネ)
  • 10 Years Later Ryohei (10年後了平)
  1. Maximum Ingram (極限イングラム)
  2. High Speed Full Healing (高速治癒全開)
  3. Extreme Counter (極限カウンター)
  4. Super Maximum Cannon (超極限太陽)
  • 10 Years Later Hibari (10年後雲雀)
  1. Well, Let's End This (さぁ終わるよ)
  2. Porcospino Nuvola (雲ハリネズミ)
  3. Needle Sphere Form (球針態)
  4. Reverse Needle Sphere Form (裏球針態)

Varia (ヴァリアー)[]

  • 10 Years Later Belphegor (10年後ベルフェゴール)
  1. Visone Tempesta (ヴィゾーネ・テンペスタ)
  2. Fiamma Scarlatta (フィアンマ・スカルラッタ)
  3. Royal Expansion (ロイヤルイクスパンション)
  4. Visone Blitz (ヴィゾーネブリッツ)
  • 10 Years Later Squalo (10年後スクアーロ)
  1. Scontro di Squalo (スコントロ・ディ・スクアーロ)
  2. Zanna di Squalo (ザンナ・ディ・スクアーロ)
  3. Squalo di Pioggia (スクアーロ・ディ・ピオッジャ)
  4. Diluvio di Squalo (ディルヴィオ・ディ・ピオッジャ)
  • 10 Years Later Xanxus (10年後XANXUS)
  1. Earth's Wing (大地の翼)
  2. Bocciolo di Fiamma (ボッチョーロ・ディ・フィアンマ)
  3. Leone di Cieli (レオネ・ディ・チェーリ)
  4. Ultimo Colpo d'Addio (ウルティモ・コルポ・ダッディオ)

Support Character's Attacks[]

Support characters can be used normally and used with a special move as a combination. Some support characters might have a same effect for both normal and combination use.

Normal: Reborn cosplays as a porcupine and attack enemies in front of a player
Combination: Reborn also rolls forward while attacking

Normal: Enzo drops and damages enemies around a player
Combination: Dino attacks with Jumping Horse Dance

Mukuro Rokudo
Normal: Stuns enemies
Combination: Mukuro attacks with First Realm, Realm of Hell

Dr. Shamal
Normal: Prevents status effects
Combination: Attacks up

Sawada Iemitsu
Normal: Recover 4 bars of Flame Gauge
Combination: Uses a special move twice and recover 2 bars of Flame Gauge

Yamamoto Tsuyoshi
Normal: Guard up
Combination: Tsuyoshi attacks with Shinotsuku Ame

Adult Reborn
Normal: Shoots enemies once
Combination: Shoots enemies three times

Future Dino
Normal: Attacks enemies with Sky Pegasus
Combination: Dino attacks with Salto Volante Veloce Come Luce

Future Mukuro
Normal: Releases exploding eyes around the player
Combination: Release exploding eyes forward

Future Squalo
Normal: Squalo attacks with Scontro di Squalo
Combination: Squalo attacks with Zanna di Squalo

Future Lussuria
Normal: Lussuria summons a Sun Peacock, recovering medium amount of health
Combination: Lussuria send kisses forward, backward, and forward, damaging and stunning enemies

Future Levi
Normal: Attacks with Thunder Stingray
Combination: Levi attacks with Super Levi Volta

Normal: Recovers a small amount of health
Combination: Recover a medium amount of health

Normal: Guard up
Combination: Haru can be used infinite times

Normal: Poisons enemies
Combination: Bianchi attacks with Thousand Poisonous Flowers

Irie Shoichi
Normal: Recover health and 1 flame gauge
Combination: Recover health and 2 flame gauges

Normal: Temporarily enable the use of Hyper Burst even if there is more than 1 life bar
Combination: Spanner uses King Moska to attack enemies

Future Hibari
Normal: Tonfa attacks, which hits everyone, including the user, if in range
Combination: Hibari does a tonfa uppercut 3 times

Lal Mirch
Normal: Lal Mirch slides and shoots upward
Combination: Lal Mirch slides further and shoots upward

Normal: Colonnello shoots enemies with a rifle
Combination: Colonnello shoots enemies with a rifle

Normal: Attack and Guard up
Combination: Attack and Guard up; the animation shows Luce, Aria, and Uni

Normal: Fon releases red dragons forward and backward
Combination: Fon releases 3 red dragons in front of him

Normal: Skull calls Tako to attack enemies. Skull and Tako roll in different directions
Combination: Skull orders Tako to attack enemies. Skull and Tako roll forward

Normal: Verde appears in a submarine and shoots missiles around him
Combination: Verde appears in a submarine and shoots missiles forward

Future Lal Mirch
Normal: Lal Mirch shots a centipede to stun and damage an enemy, but depletes 2 bars of the Flame Gauge
Combination: Lal Mirch attacks enemies with Centipede Slasher

Future Colonnello
Normal: Future Colonnello counterattacks enemies if a player is hit
Combination: Fires multiple shots at enemies

Normal: Speed down enemies
Combination: Uni attacks enemies with an aura

Normal: Aria summons Gamma to attack with Break Shot
Combination: Aria summons Gamma to attack with Final Shot

Normal: Attacks up
Combination: Attacks up

Normal: Viper appears with 6 illusions around him; the illusions do damage to enemies, whereas Viper himself can freeze enemies
Combination: Similar to normal use, but Viper and his illusions also move a little bit forward

Normal: Byakuran attacks enemies with white orchids
Combination: Byakuran attacks enemies with white orchids with a larger range

Normal: Deisy grabs one enemy and slashes him, dealing damage
Combination: Deisy damages enemies by dealing multiple punches

Normal: Attack, Guard, and Speed up
Combination: Ghost releases 2 waves of several small green beams which deplete 1 bar of enemies' Flame Gauge per hit

Vongola Primo
Normal: Primo freeze enemies with Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition
Combination: Primo freeze enemies with Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition

Normal: Kawahira creates illusionary copies of himself that are able to damage enemies
Combination: Kawahira drops his Ramen and summons Future I-Pin to perform one of these attacks:

  • I-Pin drops down from the sky and kicks an enemy once
  • I-Pin runs back and forth, attacking enemies

Akira Amano Tutors
Normal: Akira Amano Tutors appear with different forms and randomly give the effects below; the effect varies between forms:

  • Green hat: Attack, guard, speed up, and recover some health
  • Billiard-shaped hat with number 8 on it: Attack up
  • Wearing Rugby-shaped hat with number 9 on it: Guard up
  • Bun-shaped hat: Recover some health
  • Skull-shaped hat: Stuns and poisons a player, also attack, guard, and speed down

Combination: Amano Akira's forms drop onto enemies

Normal: Albito attacks and stuns enemies with spirits
Combination: Albito attacks and stuns enemies with spirits

Normal: Rizona attacks enemies with Rosa Rosa, moving back and forth
Combination: Rizona attacks enemies with Rosa Rosa, moving upward

Normal: Discharges a black flame forward to damage enemies
Combination: Dischange a black flame diagonally upward to damage enemies

Normal: Auto-charge a Box Weapon for 10 uses; does not work if the box is unchargeable
Combination: Solte attacks enemies with his gun

Normal: Gelaro sends ice pillars around him, damages enemies, and temporarily disables the use of an enemy's Box Weapon
Combination: Gelaro jumps and sends 2 wave of ice pillars downward


Promotional cards


  • Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Ryohei have new clothes in this game.
  • Kawahira is mistakenly depicted as having blond hair, instead of his white hair.
  • Giotto's Guardians appear in a DS game for the first time in this game, but are non-playable.
  • This is the first game to feature Cambio Form and Asura Boxes.

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