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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! DS Flame Rumble Hyper - Moeyo Mirai is the predecessor of Flame Rumble X. It is the third installment and the first to allow Box Weapons.


From the main menu, different characters represent different modes:

  • Reborn - Story Mode
  • Hibari - Arcade Mode
  • Haru - Family Battle
  • Lal - Battle Mode
  • Gokudera - Training Mode
  • Yamamoto - Wi-Fi Game
  • Kyoko - Gallery
  • Shoichi -System



Kokuyo Junior High Gang[]

Future Arc Allies[]

Support Characters and Effects:[]

Reborn: Rolls in his needle suit in place, and damages close enemies.
Lal: Zamza homes around everywhere and deals damage to the enemy.
TYL Bianchi: Poison cooking toxic gas - poisons enemy.
TYL Hibari: Attacks the player and the opponent is injured.
Yamamoto's dad: Brings out sushi that increases defense and health.
Kyoko: Brings out cake which restores the player's health.
Haru: Brings out curry which raises guard and slightly increases health.
Dr. Shamal: Trident Mosquito - Restores health.
Iemitsu Sawada: Brings out pills. Restores SP bar.
Mukuro: Paralyzes enemy.
Cervello: Increases attack.
Albito: Ghosts deals damage and absorbs SP.
Rizona: Rizona's teddy bear springs to life and damages any enemy who gets close to it.
Dino: Enzio drops out of the sky. Enemies that Enzio lands on will be damaged.
Byakuran: Flowers surround Byakuran and nearby enemies are knocked down and dealt damage.
Shoichi Irie: Brings out a Time Machine that increases health.
Colonnello: Shoots rifle and damages enemies.

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