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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! DS Fate of Heat III: Yuki no Shugosha Raishuu! is the third game installment compatible with the DS for Katekyo Hitman: Reborn!

Plot Edit

The story takes place at the Vongola Base, where Tsuna is training with Basil. Suddenly, a young man named Gelaro introduces himself as the Vongola guardian of Snow from the Bertesco Family, they appear before Tsuna and the others and managed to freeze all the Vongola Rings with his Snow Ring power and states that if Tsuna wants to melt the frozen Vongola Rings, he must go to Catafalco Island in Italy where Gelaro and his family will be waiting for them. The game includes 7 story chapters with each chapter utilizing a different character and boss character:

Chapter 1: Tsuna, Reborn, & Basil ; Boss fight: Grandi

Chapter 2: Gokudera & Yamamoto ; Boss fight: Carivel and Nivis

Chapter 3: Ryohei & Kyoko ; Boss fight: Giaccio

Chapter 4: Lambo, Bianchi, I-Pin, & Haru ; Boss fight: Brina

Chapter 5: Hibari & Dino ; Boss fight: Tormentas

Chapter 6: Chrome & Kokuyo gang (real illusions) ; Boss fight: Banchiza

Chapter 7: Boss fight: Gelaro (Tsuna & Guardians), Parvento (Tsuna & Party + Gelaro). (Each boss can only be fought with a maximum of 4 characters)

Gameplay Edit

This game features a three dimensional RPG that utilizes cards to perform actions, noticeably more difficult to complete than the previous DS instalment.

Cards Edit

The cards represent the attacks or skills that players will be able to perform when they enter battle. A few of them can be shared between a certain amount of characters, while most of them can only be used by one specific character. The character's specific cards can only be bought at Vongola hideout inside the villages where that specific character debuted. There are 268 cards in total.

Items Edit

Items can be bought in the item shop on the boat or at the Vongola Hideouts scattered throughout the villages. They can be used by any character at all times. There are 25 items available in battle and 11 items outside battle.

Rings Edit

Like the previous instalment, the player can equip a variety of rings to boost a character's performance. Depending on the ring's type, the character's stats can be raised.

Combination Arts Edit

If the player selects the characters that share a certain relationship, they can activate a combination art. To do that, they must equip cards with the same colors. Each C.A. deals damage equivalent to combined strengths of the characters involved, and requires the whole Flame gauge (the red gauge that increases as damage is dealt to or by the opponent).

Extra Edit

Upon completion, the player can access the Battle Stadium located at left room on the boat, and the group of rooms upstairs. At the battle stadium the player can fight up to 51 groups of characters to earn points and be able to obtain rare cards and the Vongola Key (which opens all locked chests). There is also a Gallery feature (Theatre), where you can view all alternate game endings (with a total of 9) after defeating the Final Boss. There are individual endings for the six guardians and another one for Gelaro. There is also an extra ending for Tsuna if he chose to fight the final boss alone.

Reception Edit

The game received mixed reviews by both critics and fans alike. The game was praised for its original storyline and extras but criticized for its card-based gameplay and increase in difficulty from the previous games.

Trivia Edit

  • The game does not follow the original storylines, though the story happens before the Choice Arc.
  • The names of the bosses are inspired from the Italian words for some elements of the weather linked with snow.
  • In the opening animation the alternative spelling of Vongole is used on the Vongola Family emblem.
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