Jump Super Stars is a fighting game for the Nintendo DS. It features many characters from the manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. It has a sequel, titled Jump Ultimate Stars.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game is a 2-4 player game, with over 75 missions. The main focus of these games are Koma. The term Koma refers to the character the player can use in the game. Each Koma takes up about 1 - 7 panels. The player has 20 panels to place theirs characters on. There are three types of Koma:

  • Help Koma: Help Koma are only one square large. They'll boost up or help players in the game, but they will not appear on the Battle Screen.
  • Support Koma: Support Koma are two to three squares large. These Koma will show up briefly on the battle screen to help the player, generally by attacking, blocking, restoring health, or some other move.
  • Battle Koma: Battle Koma are four to seven squares large, and these Koma fight throughout each round. These Koma represent the characters that the player controls in the battle screen, and the player can switch between characters by tapping their Koma in the Koma Deck like a tag battle.

The player can build and store up to 10 decks (sets of characters), and each deck must have at least one Help Koma, Support Koma, and Battle Koma.

There are 32 locations and stages in the game, one for each manga.

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