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In the middle of one unusual dark and stormy night, a boy, named Tsuna, woke up, flames scorching on his head. He feels the flame with the tips of his fingers, gasping.

"Wha.... What is this?!", Tsuna barked.

Tsuna was confused. How did he not feel the fire, the pain? Would his house burn down? He went to his kitchen's sink, trying to wash out the fire with water.

"It's not working!!! It's not working!!! Arrrgghhhh!", Tsuna screamed.

His mother came coming down.
"What are you yelling for?!!".

"Flames... Flames on my head!!!!", he shouted.

His mother didn't see, nor believe it.

"Go back to sleep."

This isn't the first time Tsuna has done something like this. I'm afraid I have to call.... them..., she thought. She called the insane asylum, and the next day, when Tsuna woke up, he was strapped down, on a cold metal table.
"Ahhh!!! What is this!???", Tsuna shouted.

"Crazy house for people like us...", said an omnious voice.

Tsuna glanced around, restricted chains. He saw a man, with flames also shooting out of his hair.
"You too?!?!? How... how did this - " he was cut off by the man next to him.

"It's because... you have.... the...." The mans voice was cut off by his immediate shouting, and quieting.

"This one has too much info. Had to put 'em down.", said another unfamilair voice. It was rough and angry. "Sorry Boss". The voice was talking into a microphone.
Tsuna knew what was happening. He was going to go down as well. He shouted and screamed.

"I don't want to go! Nooo!!!!"

"Keep him", shouted a garbled voice, probably out of the microphone.

Tsuna passed out, and when he woke up, he was in a straitjacked in a padded white room. He stayed in there for, it seemed, a week. It was agony. Finally, after the eighth day, something happened.

"You no more use kid. We'll find a excuse to tell your family. Good bye, boy." said the same voice he heard only a week or so ago. A needle sunk into his skin, and things started to dim. Things became quiet, sleepy almost. Quiet.... quiet... quiet....

He awoke, almost instantly. Flames over his head, more fierce then before, but he could control it. He felt great power. His aura broke through the padded room, the who insane asylum, and the ground where he was. He was sitting in a crater in the ground. But now.... he really was insane. His power destroyed everything around him, and he faded.... into dust in his loneliness.

Or least something like that. I don't know, don't care.

And thus, the end.. of Tsuna.


In the manga, Reborn said that Tsuna shot the burglar automatically using his "self-defense mechanism". Tsuna also did not wake up in the middle of the night to see the burglar and it was in the morning when he first sees him. Also, Tsuna had seemed to have shot and killed the burglar after waking up. Reborn had also placed a gun in Tsuna's hands, showing the 'evidence' that Tsuna's killing instincts has awaken.

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