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Iris Hepburn is a member of the Millefiore's White Spell and captain of the 12th Squad.[1]

Character Outline[]


She has light brown hair that she wears in an afro. She also wears large hoop earrings on both ears with two smaller heart shaped earrings hanging off each of her larger ones. She has purple eyes and wears the standard White Spell uniform.


She is manipulative and flirtatious, using her charm to trick a group of scientists into becoming her pawns.

Plot Overview[]

Future Arc[]

Merone Base Invasion[]

Iris first appears at the site where Dendro Chilum was defeated. She reported back to Shoichi Irie what had happened and was absent during Yamamoto's battle with Genkishi, and also during Gokudera and Adult Ryohei's battle with Gamma.

In the same time period that Future Hibari (and later on his Past self) were battling with Genkishi, she and Ginger Bread were engaging Tsuna, who was with Spanner. She sent out her four Death Stalk Unit monsters to attack him, and Ginger Bread assisted in shooting projectile Weapons out of his broom at both Tsuna and Spanner. Iris whips her servants in order to power them up with the Cloud's Propagation Characteristic; however, she is unable to prevent Tsuna from utilizing his two new moves. One is his X-Stream, which he uses on one of her servants. She counters this by just whipping it more, causing it to revert to its original form. She is defeated by his perfected X-Burner. However, she somehow escapes taking the full blast of it while her servants perished.

Future Final Battle Arc[]

Iris is later called by Byakuran to release Ghost from the Vindice Prison. However, when she arrives at the prison, she discovers that Fran has tricked the Vindice and broken Mukuro Rokudo out. She does not participate in the final battle against Byakuran.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Death Stalk Unit

  • Cloud Whip: So far, the only use this has shown is to power up her servants.
  • Deadly Stem Force: In the manga, they are four scientists who experimented on themselves to make Iris happy. The fruits of these experiments appear to be humans that can be affected by the Propagation of the Cloud Flames and are shown to be in Dying Will Flames. In the anime, they are simply artificial humans created by the scientists who were seduced by Iris.
  • Muscle Scrum: Her minions stack together to become a larger version of themselves. This move was not powerful enough to withstand Tsuna's X-Burner.


  • Like many other members of the Millefiore, Iris has a name that is inspired by plants. Iris plants can exist in several varieties.