Intruders is the 201st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Yamamoto lies on the ground, defeated by Genkishi. Ginger Bread's white magician doll searches for Tsuna and Spanner in Merone Base's docks 1-3, and Iris (along with the Deadly Stem Force) search the testing grounds. Neither of them has any success.

Elsewhere, Leopard Uri and the Nero Volpi fall to the ground, having knocked each other out. Gokudera and Gamma charge up their Rings' Dying Will Flame for one last shot. Gamma fires his Shot Plasma, and Gokudera fires a destructive Storm Flame beam from the Flame Arrow. The shots collide, and the resulting explosion destroys the inner room's walls. Shoichi Irie is informed of a Vongola operative impersonating a Millefiore member, and he gives orders to kill the intruder.

While the Millefiore strike force plans to retrieve Gamma's Lightning Ring and the Storm Vongola Ring, a trident-carrying figure knocks half of them out. When one of them exclaims "Mukuro Rokudo!?", the person replies "La nego, il mio nome e Chrome." (No, my name is Chrome). She takes out the rest of the strike force, and Tetsuya Kusakabe, Lambo, and I-Pin arrive.

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