The Inheritance Ceremony Arc is the 5th story arc of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! series. It was initially about Tsuna officially inheriting the title of Vongola Decimo from Vongola Nono, but turned into a war between the Vongola Decimo and his Guardians and the Simon Decimo and his Guardians.

Plot Overview Edit

The Simon Famiglia Arrives Edit

Shimon Family except Julie

The Simon Famiglia

Adelheid vs Hibari

Adelheid fights Hibari

The Inheritance Ceremony Arc begins one month after the end of the Future Final Battle Arc. Reborn received a message from the Ninth and informed Tsuna that in a week, the Inheritance Ceremony would take place, establishing Tsuna as Vongola Decimo. At the same time seven new transfer students from Simon Middle School arrived due to earthquake warnings in their area. In no time Adelheid Suzuki was attempting to take over Hibari's Discplinary committee and Gokudera began stalking P. Shitt (who he believed was a U.M.A). On his way back from school Tsuna and one of the transfer students Enma Kozato were beaten up by bullies. At this time Tsuna felt his Vongola Ring resonate with something prompting Reborn to investigate the Simon. Meanwhile Ryohei got into a fight with Koyo Aoba during detention, Yamamoto became friendly with Kaoru Mizuno during baseball practice, and Juile Katou began stalking Chrome. Finding Enma, on the way home Tsuna noticed how similar he was to old self before he met Reborn. The next day at school, Adelheid and Hibari fought on the roof so Tsuna, along with his guardians and the other Simon students gathered to stop the fight. Reborn then revealed that the Simon were in fact another Mafia Famiglia, known as friends of Vongola Primo and been invited as guests to Tsuna's Inheritance Ceremony.
Enma waits alone

Enma waits, alone

After school Tsuna discussed his misgivings over becoming the Vongola Boss with Enma who recommended he run away. At this point however a hitman from the Pesca Famiglia arrived in an attempt to kill Tsuna and to interfere with the upcoming Inheritance Ceremony but Tsuna defeated him easily. After finding this out Gokudera called for a gathering between the Simon Famiglia and the Vongola Famiglia and split everyone into groups to protect Tsuna. During the next few days Reborn observed the Simon Famiglia noting Koyo and Ryohei finally working together, Karou regaining his confidence thanks to Yamamoto and P. Shitt communicating with Gokudera. Julie also asked Chrome on a date but was rejected.
Hospitalizing Devil Kaoru

Karou attacks Yamamoto

At around the same time the Giegue Famiglia had found the location of the group that was trying to interfere with the Inheritance Ceremony at an abandoned factory. Although they tried to take them out for the Vongola, they were killed by a mysterious female fighter who possessed a new flame type. Meanwhile unsure of Tsuna's true motives Enma decided to test him, writing a note for Tsuna asking for his help, but unfortunately it was blown into the bin by accident and Enma was left waiting alone.

Tsuna went for a meeting with the Ninth (who had arrived in Japan with his Guardian's) who told him that Tsuna had the potential to destroy the corruption of the Vongola and return it to the ways of the first Famiglia, a vigilante group. Despite this, Tsuna refused to become the new boss as he didn't want to involve his friends. Later, Yamamoto was brutally attacked by Kaoru after seeing a slip of paper with the Vongola crest crossed out. He was found by Ryohei and taken to the hospital but was left in a coma. The only clue was the word Sin which Yamamoto wrote in blood which Reborn stated would be given to Tsuna during the Ceremony suggesting the assailant would attack then. Filled with anger Tsuna decided to go ahead with the ceremony in order to lure them out.

Inheritance Ceremony Edit


Inheritance Ceremony begins

The Tenth's Guardians arrive at the ceremony and reunite with Naito Longchamp, Dino, and the Varia – except for Xanxus. The Simon Famiglia is also present, and they are surprised at seeing Yamamoto there and well.

During the passing of the Vongola Sin, the Simon intervene and cause the Ninth to drop the Sin. He reassures Tsuna that it was merely a fake, and that the real Sin was inside a foolproof safe in another room. Just then, Enma reveals that he has broken into the safe and taken the Sin. He drips it onto his hand, which then transforms into a gauntlet. He reveals the story between Giotto and Cozarto Simon, and declares that he will bring the Simon Famiglia back to its former glory for that. The other six members then get the Sin onto their hands, and reveal their hidden power, said to rival the Vongola's Seven Sky Flames – the Seven Earth Flames.
The Seven Flames of Earth

The Seven Flames of The Earth

Afterwards, Tsuna enters Hyper Dying Will Mode, but before he gets a chance to do anything, Enma uses his powers to crush Hibari, Gokudera, Chrome and Ryohei with ease, also revealing Yamamoto to be an illusion. Enma then proceeds to announce he only hasn't attacked Tsuna to make him experience the pain of Simon, and breaks the Vongola Rings of Sun, Cloud, Mist and Storm. Tsuna then attacks Enma, causing a reaction on their respective Rings, but he is overpowered. Adelheid then announces that Enma's powers will take seven days to reach full power, and thus Enma is only using a seventh of it, to the shock of both Reborn and Tsuna. After overwhelming Dino and the Varia, and finally breaking the Vongola Ring of Sky, the Simon take their leave with Julie taking Chrome saying they have date plans.


Talbot arrives

When Tsuna and his Guardians feel helpless, a mysterious old man who seemed to be an acquaintance of the Ninth arrives. He also seems to have known Primo. His name is revealed to be Talbot. Talbot asks Tsuna if he is ready to bring the rings back, even with the risk of destroying the rings. Tsuna agrees to this, and Talbot talks to Ninth, requesting a room to himself. He upgrades the broken rings with the box weapons and Vongola Primo's blood, Penalty. Upon upgrading the Vongola rings, they looked nothing more than rocks. Talbot then says that the rocks have to be injected with an extreme amount of Dying Will. Tsuna, Gokudera, Ryohei and Hibari successfully unlock the powers of their respective rings, bringing forth the Sky Ring, the Storm Buckle, the Sun Bangle and the Cloud Bracelet.

Following this, Tsuna and his Guardians—minus Yamamoto and Chrome—along with the Ninth and his Guardians and Varia, discuss the whereabouts of the Simon Famiglia's hideout. One of the Ninth's guardians discovers the location of the Simon base, via the private letter that Cozarto Simon sent to the Vongola Primo, Giotto. Tsuna requests from the Ninth permission to allow him and his Guardians to invade the Simon hideout alone. Squalo protests, saying that the current situation is a mafia war – to which Tsuna replies that it is a fight for his friends. Timoteo agrees to let Tsuna and his Guardians to invade the Simon hideout, preparing three ships for them.

Tsuna and his Guardians return to the Sawada household to prepare for the assault. But on the way, Tsuna stumbles across Kyoko and Haru at a shop. Reborn asks him if he wants to greet them. Tsuna hestitates, unsure since he doesn't want to involve them in battle again. He gives the girls a silent goodbye and runs off to go to his house. Upon arriving, Tsuna discovers that he received a letter and package from the present Irie, who received memories of the future battles from Yuni. The package contained the new headphones created by the present Spanner, who also received memories from Yuni.

The Battles of Pride & The Seven Keys Edit

Shimon base

Simon Island

Tsuna and the others arrive at the Simon Famiglia's Island.
The Vendice Arrive

The Vindice appear

They are immediately greeted by the Simon Famiglia. Enma comments that Tsuna's Guardians arrived faster than expected, and that they made the right choice to come alone, saying the island cannot contain mountains of corpses. The two Famiglias were interrupted by the Vindice, who claim to have come to fulfill the promise between Vongola Primo, Giotto, and Simon Primo, Cozarto. Because of Giotto and Cozarto's steadfast friendship, the Famiglias are forbidden to fight each other. According to the Vindice, this is the second time this law has been breached, and thusly, the Guardians must battle each other, with the loser imprisoned in Vendicare Prison forever.

Following this warning, the Vindice disappear. Without much of a choice, both Famiglias agree to fight. Adelheid explains that they seek only one goal, and Enma explains that the Simon Famiglia's history is engraved in the island. One by one, the Vongola Guardians must head for the goal, where Enma will be waiting. As Enma and his Guardians prepare to leave, Tsuna unleashes his Vongola Gear, challenging Enma on the spot. Enma smiles, commenting that Tsuna has grown more capable, and that he will await him with bated breath.

Ryohei Sasagawa vs Koyo Aoba Edit

  • Battle Result: Draw

The First Key Edit

Ryo captured by Vendice

Ryohei attempts to motivate Tsuna before he is taken by the Vindice.

After Ryohei and Koyo collapsed, Tsuna, Gokudera and Reborn rushed to their side to provide medical attention. However, the Vindice intervened, declaring that since both combatants lost, they were both to be imprisoned in the Vendicare Prison. Before being taken away, Ryohei explained that he had no regrets with following his pride to the end. When Tsuna exclaimed that he didn't know if he had any pride Ryohei assured him that he had felt it and told Tsuna to find it and follow it. At that moment the Vindice dragged him and Koyo through a portal ignoring Tsuna's cries of protest.
The First Key

The First Key

After this, Vendicare gave them a small bag and told them it was the first key that was entrusted by Giotto and Cozarto. Along with the bag, the Vindice show each of the members of the Simon and Vongola Families the memories of Vongola Primo and Simon Primo. Giotto was shown calling out to Cozarto, saying that he dropped his wallet at Paolo's shed. Cozarto replied that he intended to drop it because he could not stand to see Paolo and his families starve. Giotto revealed that he and G. also did the same thing, leaving food for Paolo. Giotto, Cozarto, and G. shared a hearty laugh, introducing themselves to each other and ending the memory.
Julie's Silhouette

Julie's silhouette

Somewhere inside a room, Chrome woke up after seeing Giotto and Cozarto's memory. She saw a silhouette of a man resembling Mukuro standing by the terrace but it is revealed to be Katou Julie. Chrome asked Julie where she was to which Julie explained the situation. Chrome noticed her trident lying on top of a dresser, and reached out to grab it, is interrupted by Julie, who offers her a new change of clothing, and even offers to help her change. Chrome refused, but Julie was persistent. Adelheid then entered the room all of a sudden, informing Julie of a meeting with the other Simon Guardians. On the way, Adelheid commented she will kill Chrome once she was of no longer use to them as a hostage. As Adelheid and Julie arrived at the meeting place, they discuss the battle between Koyo and Ryohei, and also the memory given by the Vindice. Julie makes clear that he is uninterested, so long as they win. Julie turns to leave, but is stopped by Adelheid, who told him that it is his responsibility to remain involved with the battle against Vongola. Julie, visibly annoyed, grabs Adelheid's jaw telling her to keep quiet. However, Julie changes his demeanor, cheerfully stating that there is nothing to worry about, as he will help if things go bad.
Lambo and Rauji meet

Lambo vs Rauji

Meanwhile, the Vindice tell Tsuna and his Guardians that the seven keys were entrusted by Giotto and Cozarto, and, along with another memory, will be awarded upon another loss. Tsuna realized that there will be a continuation of Giotto and Cozarto's memories, and as such, decided to follow through with the battles. On the way, Reborn realized that Tsuna still thinking about Ryohei and told him if he gave up now, Ryohei's efforts would be wasted. Tsuna said that he didn’t even know his own pride but Reborn told him that he can figure it out later, for now concentrate only on winning to save Chrome and reveal the truth behind Giotto and Cozarto. Noticing that it was almost dark, Tsuna and the others decided to camp. While they were asleep, Lambo was awakened by a rabbit in front of him and chased after it and falling into a pitfall. Tsuna and Gokudera also fell to the pitfall and found themselves in a cave surrounded by rocks. In the middle of the cave, Lambo encountered Rauji.

Lambo vs Rauji Ooyama Edit

  • Winner: Lambo

The Second Key Edit

Shimon Kids

Simon's past

While everyone congratulated Lambo for his victory, Rauji
Second Key 2

The Second Key

began to yell that even though he lost, Simon will never lose because Enma will avenge him. He explained that Enma is better boss than Tsuna because he protected his families from the ally families of Vongola who killed the current Simon Famiglia's parents. The Vendicare then appeared behind Rauji and chained him as they gave them a flower that was the second key the left by Giotto and Cozarto.

Vongola and Simon began to witness again the memory of Giotto and Cozarto. At some poor town in Italy, Giotto, G., and Cozarto arrived at a flower shop that was attacked by some thugs because the owner, Franco, refused to gave them 90% off and all doctors in town were threatened by them and didn't show up. This angered Giotto who stated that he had enough already. Cozarto then suggested forming a Vigilante group because if nobody can help them, they have to protect the town themselves with a powerful leadership that no one else beside Giotto who suit for that role.

After they witnessed the memory, they were shocked to find
Byakuran's Arrival

Byakuran's unexpected arrival

out that it was Cozarto who suggested to form Vigilante group that became the core of Vongola Famiglia. Rauji showed his disbelieve but Gokudera interrupted that only a great person will be chosen as Vongola and pointed out that Rauji himself was beaten by one of the Vongola guardians. This angered Rauji and he then asked Lambo if Tsuna is a good boss, which Lambo answered that he never thought of Tsuna as his boss, however, he stated that Tsuna is a great Brother. Before Rauji was taken by the vendicare, he stated that he could never forgive Vongola but he accepted Lambo, said that it was fun. Lambo then turned back to his younger self and Tsuna and the others relieved that he won the match. Back at Japan, at Namimori hospital, Byakuran came to the unconscious Yamamoto on the hospital bed with his wings spread out open.

Later, at Simon's meeting room, Julie came and playfully said that he heard Rauji was defeated, this made him being scolded by Adelheid. Julie then commented that Kaoru will not fight since he had beat up Yamamoto before ceremony. Adelheid then asked did he get any new information from their spy but Julie replied that they didn’t have any information from him. He then dragged Enma to drink some coffee with him so he able to relax. In a different room, Julie then revealed that he actually get some information from the spy and told him about CEDEF being the key of the past of their ancestor and showed him a picture of Tsuna's father, Iemitsu. This enraged Enma even more and Julie convinced him that Vongola Primo was a cunning man and already to planned all this from the very beginning and told Enma to sees Vongola as absolute enemy, which Enma agreed to. Julie then thought that all according to his plan.

Gokudera Vongola Gear

Vongola Gear of Storm

Tsuna, Gokudera, Lambo, and Reborn continued their way to Simon's hideout and reached a deserted, run down town. When they checked the town, they heard a voice from one of the houses that turned out to be Shitt.P who writing her homework. When Gokudera called her, she just ignored him until he called her by her preferred name, "Shittopi-chan" and she finally responded Gokudera's call, much to surprise Tsuna. She then challenged Gokudera to fight one-on-one with her which he agreed to since he was interested on fighting a UMA. When Gokudera was about to tell her his pride, she cut him off and instead revealed his pride herself that Gokudera's pride was being a subordinate of Vongola tenth, which Gokudera admitted. At this, Shitt P commented that Gokudera is weak and revealed her pride is fighting for herself since she loves herself most than anybody else. Gokudera then summoned Uri who seemingly tamed but then slowly began to scratch his face until Gokudera ordered him to Cambio Forma and revealed his Vongola Gear, creating the revival of his former title, "The Smoking Bomb."

Hayato Gokudera vs P. Shitt Edit

  • Winner: Gokudera

The Third Key Edit

3rd Key

The Third Key

The Vindice then appear and gave the third key which turned out to be a letter. The flashback showed that Cozarto received a letter from Giotto that told him about the Vongola Famiglia that had grown so big that even the police couldn't interfere. However, Giotto worried because many people feared Vongola and the biggest war ever will coming up soon and request for Cozarto's help. After reading the letter, Cozarto decided to help Giotto and said he will come soon.After this flashback, Shitt P, commented that because Cozarto fought for Giotto and was betrayed by him,she

Enma arrives to fight Tsuna

decided to live for herself. She was bullied by others and after some time she assured herself that she was right to act as an individual. She then called Gokudera an UMA, much to shock the others but also said that he is interesting and she wished to know more about him. Tsuna then interrupted stating that he will save Ryohei and also other Simon Guardians that were being imprisoned in Vendicare, much to the shock of the others and even Tsuna himself who wondered why he said that. However, Enma then came and said it's none of his business and intended to help Shitt P but Vendicare still took her with them, saying that they won't let anyone interfere. Before being taken away, Shitt P said that Enma is kind and she was glad she joined Simon. Enma then unleashed his Simon ring power with teary eyes, blamed Tsuna for the lost of his friends and everything precious to him. Adelheid and Julie arrived at the scene. Adelheid tried to stop Enma but was stopped by Julie who said that they should let him go. Enma then declared that he will defeat Tsuna right here and right now.

Tsunayoshi Sawada vs Enma Kozato (Round I) Edit

  • Battle Result: Enma's ring out of control and he retreated along with Adelheid and Julie.

Daemon Spade's Revelation Edit

Back at Simon hideout, Chrome attempted to escape but Julie already arrived back there and laughed at her
Daemon Appears

Daemon reveals himself to Chrome

futile attempt. He then said that they get along quite well a whole lot more than Mukuro and also knew about Chrome's past. Chrome is surprised and asked how he knew about Mukuro. He began to reveal that the island had a special defence structure in place and Mukuro's illusions cannot reach her. The reason that Chrome's organs were still functioning well was because he was the one who created it in replacement of Mukuro. Chrome at first didn't want to believe this, stating that she received the body from Mukuro. Julie then tested it by made her organs disappear, which it does, made Chrome's stomach sink and cough blood. He told her that the reason he went that far to help her even though they were enemies was because both Chrome and her body are important to him and then he created back her organs. Julie then offered her to become his, which Chrome quickly refused and said that she don't need the organs that he made, which surprised Julie and decided to tell her his secret: He was the one who devised the entire war between Vongola and Simon for two goals, first to
Chrome Under Control

Chrome being controlled by Daemon

annihilate the Vongola which Enma and Adelheid were already doing their best to accomplish and second is to use Chrome as his entrance to get to Mukuro and take his body. Julie then dismissed his illussions and revealed his true identity as the First Generation Vongola Mist guardian, Daemon Spade and shocked Chrome greatly. He requested Chrome to submit her body by her own will but Chrome refused again and made Daemon no choice but to punish her and proceed to use his right eye that revealed a spade symbol, controlling her mind to make her obey to him.

Back at the Vongola ship, Timoteo asked Ganauche if there any news from Tsuna, which Ganauche replied that there wasn't. Ganauche then suggested Timoteo to sleep since he haven't sleep for four days but Timoteo refused and instead asked about the condition at Namimori hospital but was then interrupted with the arrival of Brow Nie Jr. who got information regarding the Simon Famiglia. He said that all seven members of the Simon had their families killed when they were still very young.

Timoteo then asked if they were persecuted or not, when Brow Nie Jr. said that many cases existed, Timoteo interrupted by saying that he asked wheter they truly persecuted or not. Brow Nie apologized and promised to speed up the information but then said that something was different regarding the cases of Enma's parents and sister. Timoteo asked what it meant and he was reminded about the "Flood of Blood" incident that occurred under CEDEF, which surprised Timoteo as he remembered and was in utter disbelief.

Enma dreaming about his sister

Enma dreaming about his deceased sister, Mami

At Enma's room, Enma dreamed about his sister while Adelheid stayed by his side as she wondered how Julie got the information regarding Enma's Ring Holders and as she remembered the past, he was not the kind of person who would agitate Enma this much. Before she left, she assured Enma that she will purge the Vongola. On the way to Simon hideout, Lambo asked Tsuna to play with
Sad Tsuna

Tsuna questions his own actions

him since he was silent all the way due to the shock he received when Enma revealed to them about his father. Suddenly, a helicopter appeared and flew away and Gokudera used this to cheer up Tsuna but fail. Tsuna then finally spoke, he wasn't sure if he was doing the right thing anymore because he thought that Enma wasn't lying since he could feel his sorrow and sadness through his fist. Reborn then commented that he also thinks that Enma wasn't lying but he also said that even though what Enma said was true Reborn wondered if the Simon really wanted things to turn out this way as he said that when Enma attacked them, something didn't feel right, suspecting there's dark shadow behind Simon.

Meanwhile, at another room in Simon hideout, Chrome changed her clothes to Simon Middle School uniform. Daemon then appeared as he commented that the uniform suited her well. He changed back to Julie as he said that he want to quickly get use to controlling her mind so she should be by his side all the time.

Kyoya Hibari vs Adelheid Suzuki Edit

  • Winner: Kyoya Hibari

The Fourth Key Edit


The Fourth Key

The Vindice appear to arrest Adelheid and to give the fourth key, an inkwell. The fourth key shows Giotto and the others in the middle of meeting regarding the massive mafia war they were in. Knuckle suddenly enters and informs his fellow Guardians that the Simon are surrounded by the enemies from all four directions and are at the center of the enemy's camp. Giotto who is bewildered by this information is confused as to how Cozarto came to know of the war, and intends to rescue his friend without hesitation. However, Daemon Spade assure the Primo that he will be the one to assist the Simon, which Giotto accepts and is relieved by. When the memory ends, everyone realizes that someone has set a trap for Cozarto, since Giotto had never spoken of the Vongola's war to Cozarto. Hibari then realizes someone is watching them and throws his handcuff towards the figure who reveals himself to be Julie along with Chrome. Adelheid asks Julie to take care of Enma, to which Julie agrees but then continues by saying that from now on he will leave his place in Simon Famiglia.

After Reborn refers to him as the dark shadow of the Simon, he finally reveals himself as Daemon Spade, much to everyone's shock. Reborn is suspicious of whether or not he is the real Daemon Spade or not, to which Daemon replied by saying that whether they chooses to believe or not, he exists.
Karou stabs Daemon

Karou thinks he's stabbed Daemon.

When Tsuna asks why he's done all that he has, Daemon simply answers it is all for the sake of the Vongola. He states that Giotto was a great leader but lacked of ambition in the mafia world, where power and greed are the only absolute justice. He continued that with Giotto's nature, it would have been impossible to create the flawless Vongola Famiglia and therefore, he would do anything necessary to eliminate anything and anyone that will weaken the Vongola—just like Cozarto and the Simon whom he saw as a threat. Thus admitting that he was the cause of Cozarto Simon's death. Daemon tells of how he used the Simon's dormant power amplified by hatred in order to try and eliminate the tenth boss candidate who would try to succeed Primo's will. This angers Adelheid who then realizes that Julie must still exist and demands Daemon where he is and what he has done to him. However, the first Mist Guardian answers was there is probably a slight bit of "that garbage" left inside him and Adelheid tearfully apologizes to Enma. Daemon comments that the Simon are a bunch of inexperienced children after all. However, at this moment, Kaoru appears and stabs Daemon from behind.

Vongola & Simon vs Daemon Spade (Round I) Edit

  • Battle Result:
    • Kaoru lost his pride before fight and taken away by Vendicare along with Adelheid.
    • Daemon withdraw from the battlefield with Chrome after brief fight with Yamamoto.

The Fifth Key Edit

Another Vindice appears behind Kaoru and arrests him, stating that Kaoru already lost his pride before the
Fifth Key

The Fifth Key

battle could even start, thus, making him the loser. Kaoru explained that his pride was to do anything for the sake of the Simon. However, to betray Yamamoto, who he sees as his friend, is unbearable to him and he wants to pay for the crimes he has committed and apologizes to Adelheid, for he no longer having any capability to fight the Vongola. Daemon mocks him as trash and useless and then says that thanks to his loss, they are finally able to see a fantastic show. The fifth key is revealed to be a document with a Dying Will Flame on it. Daemon states that the next memory that will be shown is the last moments of Cozarto, who fell into his trap and was killed, his limbs pulled off one by one until his death.

The fifth key showes Daemon along with his subordinates, who have found Cozarto's location. Knowing how persistent Cozarto is, he hands his subordinates a letter with a Dying Flame signed on it to trick Cozarto and the others so that he could kill him when there's an opening. After this, Daemon went back to Vongola mansion, pretending that he was beat up and his subordinates were killed and lies to Giotto that Cozarto was already dead, which upset Giotto and replies that Daemon has done a good job and he's at his debt

F-Gen Guardians Comes

The Five Guardians arrive to save Cozarto and his Famiglia

At Simon's place, which was surrounded by enemies, Daemon's subordinates arrive, saying that they have come to help them. However, Cozarto knew that they were sent by Daemon to kill him, since he knew that the third letter that he received was fake because the letter was signed "from Primo" and Giotto would never refer himself that to him. Cozarto turns into Hyper Dying Will Mode, stating that he will fight until the end for his friends and his Famiglia. At this, Daemon's subordinates tear apart the letter and reveal themselves as G. and the other Guardians that were ordered to assist them by Giotto, who had seen through Daemon's plan. G. assures Cozarto that the men with him are just like him, Giotto's guardians, and that they can be trusted. G. explains that they could've gone all out but they didn't want Daemon to know that they were saving him and told Cozarto the four guardians would fight the enemies, while he and Cozarto would go to Giotto. Before they go, Cozarto thanks G. and the others. As the memories ended, which revealed that Cozarto had not been killed, it shocks all of the participants, especially Daemon, who then shouts in disbelief that Giotto had saw through his plan. Reborn said that it seems the history of Simon has been rewritten. Tsuna happilly exclaimed that Giotto never betrayed Cozarto and that their friendship never wavered at all. Daemon furiously cursed Giotto, who has faked Cozarto's death, but is interjected by Reborn who wondered if Cozarto had never been assassinated, then why there are no lying records of him afterwards, much to everyones confusion.

Simon Rings Awakening Edit

Daemon, disguised as Julie, approaches Enma at his throne and informs him of Kaoru's and Adelheid's loss at Vongola's hands, enraging Enma further who then finally be consumed by his own hatred. Satisfied that now Enma completely becomes killing machine, Daemon changes back and leaves the task of defeating Tsuna and his friends to him.

In a circular building, Daemon approaches Chrome, whom he had tied up and undone his mind control on her. He assures her that he will let her meet Mukuro, explaining that he will remove the barrier that surrounding Simon Island so that Mukuro can come to save her and he'll be able to fight Mukuro with the awakened Simon Desert Ring. Daemon removes the barrier and Chrome's illusionary organs, taunting Mukuro that Chrome will die if he doesn't come to save her. Shortly, as he has expected, Mukuro replaces Chrome, and declares that he will take Daemon to the realm of dead.

Tsunayoshi Sawada vs Enma Kozato (Round II) Edit

  • Winner: Tsuna, Enma was allowed to watch the battle until the end before being imprison.

The Sixth Key Edit

Clear pacifier

The Sixth Key

After explaining Daemon's plot, Enma offers to help them to save Chrome, much to Tsuna's happiness and he agrees. At this, Reborn comments that both Tsuna and Enma will be a perfect No-Good combo and Lambo adds that Tsuna is greater No Good out of the two. This causes brief laughter that soon interrupts by the arrival of Vendicare who decides that Enma is the loser of the battle. Tsuna tells them that there's no need for any fight anymore because they no longer has any ill feelings towards each other. However, the vendicare states that the battle will continue until the end because that is the law that had been decided by their ancestors and presents the sixth key, which is a clear pacifier.

The memory revealed that Cozarto requests to Giotto to keep Simon Famiglia has been killed as the truth. Cozarto explains that he has strong feelings that it won't be a simple task to eliminate Daemon Spade and if Daemon continue living, the Simon would only be burden. Therefor, it would be better if Simon just went into hiding and disappear from mafia world and any view, much to Giotto's protest. However, Cozarto insists and convinces him that Simon are not weak. At this, Giotto reluctantly agrees but not before he asks Cozarto to swore in return that the Vongola will always support Simon from the shadow and their bonds will stay close until the end of times. As Cozarto swear this, Bermuda Von Veckenschtein, an Arcobaleno with clear pacifier and a Vindice appeared, intent to unhold the law.

As the memories ends, Reborn questions why the Vindice possess the clear pacifier. When Vendicare refuses to answer this, Reborn groaned, making Tsuna surprise to see for the first time Reborn being bothered by something this clearly.

Mukuro Rokudo vs Daemon Spade Edit

  • Winner: Mukuro

Daemon purposely lost the battle with Mukuro and managed to possesses Mukuro's body and frees himself from Vendicare Prison. The Vindice negate the war between Vongola and Simon and strike a deal with both Families that if they able to defeat Daemon, the imprisoned Families members will be released. Daemon arrived in the battlefield and ready to fight Tsuna and his Guardians for one last time.

Final Battle Edit

  • Winner: Tsuna

The Seventh Key Edit

Chapter 343 Cover

The Seventh Key

The key revealed Giotto, Cozarto, and G., met face to face with Bermuda Von Victhenstein with Arcobaleno carrying a clear pacifier who claimed that if Vongola and Simon ever fight one another, the would deliver the punishment. Giotto objected, saying that it has nothing to do with them. The Arcobaleno retorted and replied that the destiny between Vongola and the holder of Arcobaleno pacifiers would always be intertwined, much to Giotto's confusion. Cozarto agreed since he believe that their children won't fight against each other. The Vindice revealed that they will imprison the losers until the day they die. Giotto finally agreed with one condition: After each battle, he wishes for their true history to be shown. Cozarto added that if the each sides still cannot let go the enmity between them even after knowing the true history, the Vindice are free to do anything to them. However, if the both Families reconcile and regain their friendship, if they honor its will, they have to have their Flames within the rings burn as one as evidence of their will to keep the promise.

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Tsuna picks up Daemon's pocket watch with old photograph of Vongola Primo's Guardians with a beautiful woman beside Daemon. The dying Daemon tells them that the woman is Elena, his lover. Daemon begins to tells his past and his reason behind all of his actions, revealing that it was all for Elena's sake who loved the Vongola Famiglia more than anything. Tsuna wonders out loud does Elena truly love the Vongola that Daemon had made since it control people through fear without taking the feelings of the weak into consideration and tells Daemon that he understood Elena's feelings when the latter questions him. Tsuna assures Daemon that Elena feels gratitude towards him and she thanked him. Daemon cries as he pleads for Elena's forgiveness for unable to save her and starts to fades away. Reborn convinces him to leave Vongola to Tsuna, and Daemon finally acknowledges Tsuna and his Guardians, entrusting Vongola to them and finally die in peace. The trapped Vongola Guardians and Julie along with imprisoned Simon Guardians and Ryohei are freed and each of them reconciles and Mukuro back to his own body. The Vindice then reveal that they still have one final thing to tell them.

Aftermath Edit

After the battle between the Simon and Vongola ended, Tsuna returns to his normal life at Namimori, rushing to get to school to not get scolded by Hibari, but finds Enma on his way running away from a dog. The two rush across a road and meets up with Shitt P. who is stalking Gokudera, who calls her a freak and runs off in another direction. The No-Good Duo finally reach the gates of Namimori when encountered by Rauji and Lambo, who had been staying up and playing. Rauji told them that the inspection by the disciplinary group was postponed since Hibari goes to Kokuyo Land to fight Mukuro. Tsuna panicks as he thinks that Hibari and Mukuro might as well end up killing each other until Adelheid then scolds them for their uniforms not being tidy, she then reveals Aoba, Ryohei, and Julie, being hung in nets for disrupting the school. Ryohei and Aoba for destroying school property, and Julie for flirting with girls. Kyoko then appears and tells Ryohei to not do anything dangerous because he had received injuries from a meteor. Tsuna states that Ryohei is still making stupid lies to Kyoko. Julie then sees Kyoko and says she cute, which makes Adelheid jealous. Tsuna and Enma both thought it was the perfect opportunity to escape, but the were stopped by a flying baseball that hit Enma which then bounced on Tsuna, Reborn states that it was very skillfull. But it turned out to be Kaoru and Yamamoto practicing baseball. Adelheid catches up with them and hangs them in a net on the school's roof. Reborn sees the Duo and remind them about the Eighth Key.

The Eighth Key Edit

The memory begins with a sight of Cozarto's Famiglia's children playing in the river and eating. Then, a little girl called Magi approaches Cozarto and asks if she could have more friends, Cozarto says that she'll have to wait a while. Then a man resembling Julie states once the situation is cooling down they can invite the Vongola Family to their island; however, Cozarto says that they'll never be able to see the Vongola ever again, and that Giotto knows that fact too. But they believe in each other, so that someday, their descendants could finally meet and smile again with the Vongola. Tsuna and Enma laugh together as they remembered this, ending the Inheritance Ceremony Arc.

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  • All new characters aligned with the Simon Famiglia have red eyes.
  • All of the Ninth's guardians have names related to desserts.

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