Inheritance Ceremony is the 295th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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In order to find the culprits, Tsuna decides to go to the Inheritance Ceremony. Tsuna remembers his conversation with the doctor about Yamamoto not being able to walk while Chrome Dokuro uses an illusion to make it look like Yamamoto is present. The guests arrives which includes Naito Longchamp, Dino, Lussuria, Squalo, Viper, Belphegor, and Levi A Than. Dino and Squalo are able to see that Yamamoto is absent, causing Chrome to think that her powers are weak. However, Viper encourages her, saying that only a professional could see through it. Just then, another Mafia Famiglia mafioso is bullying Enma, and Tsuna goes to help him. After the Simon Famiglia leaves, Hibari arrives and everyone goes inside for the ceremony.

The passing of the Sin begins, and everyone is anxious to see if the culprits will make their move...

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