Imprisonment is the 109th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Kangaryuu shoots Sun Flames out from her pouch onto Ryohei's boxing gloves, turning them into the Sereno Gloves. Ryohei explains that Kangaryu is a support-type Box Weapon, and that he was the Vongola's Sun Guardian, the one who crushes the Family's enemies with his own body.

In Shoichi Irie's lab, he converses with Spanner. Spanner explains that he had found Tsuna, and in the resulting battle, his Moskas had been severely damaged. Spanner continues by saying that Tsuna had fallen into the channel and that his present condition was unknown.

Back at the Vongola Base, Reborn assures Giannini by saying that because communication had been lost, it meant that their forces had accomplished the task of going deep inside Merone Base. He continues by saying that the only thing they could do now was to trust in them.

Meanwhile, Ryohei prepares to fight Baishana. Baishana laughs at him, saying that his Storm Serpent would degnerate anything that touched it.

Tsuna has a flashback of his mother making tea, and Lambo and I-Pin crowding around. The smell of tea wakes him up, and he revives to see Spanner waving a card with his name on it in front of Tsuna's face. He recognizes Spanner as being the Moskas' operator, and quickly tries to move away. He sneezed, and Spanner offers him a change of clothes as well as a cup of green tea. Tsuna notices his charm on a nearby barrel, but Mini Mosca points its hand at him.

Meanwhile, at the place where Tsuna had fought, a team of White Spell members arrives to search for Tsuna. Amazed at the level of damage done to the Moskas, they began searching. Shoichi sighs, saying that the Tsunayoshi Sawada of ten years ago had finally arrived.

In Spanner's lab, Tsuna wonders what was going to happen to him. Spanner explains that Tsuna's last attack, the X-Burner:Air was unstable, and that he would help Tsuna perfect it.

In Ryohei's fight with Baishana, Ryohei shows that he has mastered Lussuria's footwork from the Ring Battles, ten years ago. Baishana mocks him again, saying that the Tsuchinoko could even attack fast opponents, after which it coils itself up into a spring and launches itself at Ryohei. Ryohei counters the attack by punching it directly, opening a crack on the Storm Serpent's mouth.

Ryohei explains that Kangaryu could charge the Sun's Activation in her pouch, causing the weapons she shot out to be living things, capable of healing at incredible rates. Baishana counters this ability with the release of his Cervo Volante Tempesta, eight secondary weapons that distracted Ryohei while the Tsuchinoko attacked. However, Ryohei relied on Kangaryu again to give him Sun Flame Boots, rendering him capable of flight. Baishana tells him that though he had gained the ability of flight, it was not enough to defend against a simultaneous attack with both the Storm Serpent and the Stag Beetles.

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