Iemitsu Sawada is the 85th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna is woken up by Iemitsu Sawada who tries to get him to go fishing with him. Tsuna refuses, saying that he has school and returns to sleep, thinking about that that was first conversation they had after two years.

Later that morning, Tsuna wakes up to see Lambo outside his window being thrown up and down by his father. Iemitsu fails to catch Lambo and offers to give him some Magical Water. Hearing his dad offering Lambo alcohol, Tsuna immediately heads downstairs to stop them. Iemitsu sees Tsuna and tells him that he was heartbroken since Tsuna was sleeping ever since he came back but in reality, he was the one sleeping. Iemitsu tries to start a conversation between the two, talking about school and work. Iemitsu then notices and points out the ring hanging from Tsuna's neck.

Seeing the ring, Tsuna immediately confronts Reborn. However, Reborn tells him that he didn't do it and tells Tsuna that the ring is the proof of the next Vongola Boss. Tsuna begins to panic, refusing to be part of the Mafia but Reborn tells him that it was too early for Tsuna to have the ring but, due to an urgent matter, it was given to him early. Reborn explains to Tsuna that the ring, being the identifying proof of the next successor, gives the holder immense power which is the reason why it is being targeted by malicious people. Reborn tells Tsuna that the long-haired guy they met is named Superbia Squalo, one of the members of the Varia, Vongola's Ultimate Independent Assassination Team.

In Italy, the Varia are talking about the Half Vongola Rings and thinks that their boss should be the rightful successor.

Back to Japan, Reborn tells Tsuna that the Varia will come back when they realize that the rings are fake. Tsuna begins to panic, thinking that he is going to be killed but Reborn tries to calm him down, saying that the Varia will not realize that the rings are fake for ten days. Tsuna is still worried but Reborn tells him that they should use the time to train in order for Tsuna to take on the Varia. Tsuna refuses to listen to Reborn and leaves, planning to give the ring back to Dino. As he leaves, he meets his dad who tells him that he can talk to him about anything. Tsuna refuses to talk to him about Mafia matters and leaves. After Tsuna leaves, Reborn and Iemitsu sits together and Iemitsu thanks Reborn for looking after Tsuna for the past one and a half year. Reborn asks him if he's going to tell Tsuna about him but Iemitsu refuses and leaves calling for his wife.

Tsuna arrives at Dino's place to see Gokudera and Yamamoto waiting inside. Tsuna begins to apologize for what happened the previous day but the two brush it off and pull out two rings similar to Tsuna's. Tsuna begins to panic at the sight of the rings when Dino and Reborn arrive. Reborn explains that the two were chosen and, since there are seven rings, four more were given the rings. Those who have the rings are the people who are worthy of protecting the Vongola Boss...

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