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Character Outline

Iemitsu In His Mafia Suit

Iemitsu Sawada as the Leader of CEDEF

Iemitsu Sawada (沢田 家光, Iemitsu Sawada) is the father of 10th Generation Vongola Boss, Tsunayoshi Sawada. He is also the leader of the CEDEF, Basil's master, and the External Advisor to the IX Generation's Vongola Boss, Timoteo. Iemitsu, unlike the rest of his family, possesses blond hair and a muscular build. He is a very happy-go-lucky guy and loves to drink, sleep, and dream of his wife, Nana. When he left home, he wanted Nana to tell Tsuna that he'd gone away and "become a star," an euphemism for dying. His cover story was that he was working traffic at construction sites, but he was really away on Vongola business. His weapon appears to be a pickaxe, and he is seen being able to dig large holes in extremely short amounts of time, shown when he saved Gokudera from accidentally fatally blowing himself up. It revealed that he's the one who offered Mukuro the opportunity to become Tsuna's Mist Guardian in exchange for Ken and Chikusa's safety.

Since Dying Will Flames seem to run in families and Iemitsu is related both to the first Vongola Boss and Tsuna, it is highly likely that Iemitsu has a Sky Flame. While he may have the qualifications to be the next Vongola Boss, Iemitsu joined the CEDEF, which is both part of, and yet separate from, the main family, and therefore makes him ineligible to be a candidate for the position of Boss of the Vongola. According to Timoteo, the Vongola Nono, he was called the "Young Lion of Vongola."


  • Iemitsu can speak Italian, unlike Tsuna.
  • It is possible that Iemitsu inherited blonde hair from the first Vongola Boss, while Tsuna inherited brown hair from his mother, Nana.
  • It is commonly assumed by many fans that Iemitsu was in charge of Basil's first Future training due to the cold approach of having him fight the Millefiore alone while he made his way to Vongola HQ. This is because Iemitsu once trained Basil in the ways of Japan, only to find out that it was the ancient Japanese traditions that he had been taught, which could be considered a cruel and often useless training regime.

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