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Character Outline

Iemitsu Sawada (沢田 家光, Sawada Iemitsu) is the father of 10th Generation Vongola Boss, Tsunayoshi Sawada as well as the leader of the CEDEF, Basil's master, and the External Advisor to the Vongola Famiglia.


Iemitsu, unlike the rest of his family, possesses blond hair and a muscular build. When casual, he wears a white tank top and orange jeans. His orange jacket is tied around his waist. He has been seen to wear boxer shorts.


Iemitsu is a very happy-go-lucky person and loves to drink, sleep, and dream of his wife, Nana. When he left home, he wanted Nana to tell Tsuna that he'd gone away and "become a star," a euphemism for dying. His cover story was that he was working traffic at construction sites, but he was really away on Vongola business.


Seven years prior to the main storyline, Iemitsu and his team, CEDEF, were in charge to investigate an attack on allied bosses of the Vongola. From the investigation, CEDEF discovered that one of the bullet holes was made by an old fine art dealer who was none other than Enma's father, Makoto Kozato. While they began investigating, an incident occurred that resulted in twelve of Iemitsu's subordinates being barbarically murdered while crammed into a hotel elevator. This incident was known as the "Flood of Blood" incident. Makoto Kozato's bullets were found at the scene, and Iemitsu removed them immediately. That night, Kozato's house was attacked; Makoto, his wife, and his daughter, Mami were killed in their room just like the Flood of Blood incident. After the murders, Iemitsu denied any and all involvement to the Ninth and the incident went unsolved.

Plot Overview

Varia Arc

Iemitsu came back from his work trip to oversee the training that Tsuna's Guardians went through. In a flashback of the choosings of the Guardians, he offered Mukuro the opportunity to become Tsuna's Mist Guardian in exchange for Ken and Chikusa's safety.

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

He has been accused by Enma on ordering the CEDEF to kill his family. However, Daemon Spade revealed that he disguised himself as Iemitsu, caused the Flood of Blood incident and killed Enma's family.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc

Iemitsu is first seen in the CEDEF headquarters agreeing to Colonnello's request for the CEDEF to fight for him. Later, Iemitsu arrives in Japan as Colonnello's representative and greets Tsuna and Nana, introducing his CEDEF workers as well, though he introduced them to Nana as his "fellow workers" to dig for oil. When Byakuran arrives, Iemitsu watches Tsuna with calculating eyes as Tsuna converses with Byakuran, albeit the former was nervously doing so. When the day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow arrives, Tsuna rushes out of the house quickly, Nana commenting on how rude he was to his father; Iemitsu, however, states that it was his fault that he was away for too long.

During the start of the first battle, a burst of Sky Flames destroy the walls next to Tsuna, barely missing him: as the dust cleares, Iemitsu stands there, stating to Tsuna that it was about time he treated him as an adult. Tsuna then goes into Hyper Dying Will Mode and attacks Iemitsu with a full-on attack, though he was hardly breaking through Iemitsu's defense, the said person countering by going into Hyper Dying Will Mode himself and unleashing a single powerful punch at Tsuna, which sends Tsuna flying out of the building, appearing to be incapacitated, and also leaving a portion of their fighting area's roof destroyed.

In the second round of the Battle of the Rainbow, Iemitsu arrives with Team Colonnello to defeat Team Verde and Team Uni. As Colonnello releases his curse Iemitsu tells Colonnello not to eliminate Team Reborn's representatives-as they were allies-and to eliminate Team Yuni and Team Verde. As Colonnello fires the shot leaving Team Reborn unscathed Iemitsu contacts Tsuna via the X-Headphones to see if he's alright. Iemitsu tells Tsuna to get as far away from the battle as possible, as Colonnello was going to fire a shot that would eliminate Byakuran and Mukuro, eliminating Team Yuni and Team Verde. Tsuna refuses to allow them to hit Byakuran, so Iemitsu announces that the alliance between them had been officially terminated and that Colonnello would be firing at them as well in the next shot. Tsuna expresses his surprise at Iemitsu that he was terminating their alliance. Iemitsu tells him that if they were going to stop them from eliminating Byakuran, then he had to re-assess their alliance, telling Tsuna to quickly make his decision, as he wouldn't wait much longer. He asks Tsuna on the course of action, and Tsuna tells Iemitsu to shoot. Tsuna then activates Mitena di Vongola Primo and tells his teammates to prepare for the second shot. Iemitsu commands Collonello to fire but Byakuran intervenes, leaving Tsuna to attack him for a rematch. Team Colonnello are successful in defeating Team Yuni as Byakuran's boss watch is destroyed. Meanwhile, Tsuna is rushing towards Iemitsu. Iemitsu tells Colonnello to leave this to him and to save his un-cursed time, and Colonnello states, "Present, stop" and wishes Iemitsu luck.

Iemitsu bored

Tsuna punches Iemitsu into the ground, but the latter kicks the former, sending him hurtling back. Iemitsu comments to Tsuna that he hadn't improved at all, but Tsuna, enraged, tells him to shut up and slams him into the ground again. However, Iemitsu appears to be unfazed and slams Tsuna into the ground next to him. Tsuna wonders, in his pain, why he still couldn't beat Iemitsu. Tsuna recalls how Iemitsu left him and Nana in their house all alone, how he, when he returned, would only sleep or talk about useless stuff. Iemitsu, now sitting beside Tsuna, apathetically states that it was boring fighting with him. Tsuna exits Hyper Dying Will Modeand questions Iemitsu if he was insulting him. Lal Mirch notes that since Tsuna's exited Hyper Dying Will Mode, his willpower and energy had collapsed.

Iemitsu, meanwhile, doesn't respond and Tsuna asks him, angrier than before. Iemitsu still doesn't respond and tells Tsuna to take of his boss watch so that he could destroy it. Tsuna refuses, so Iemitsu lifts a boulder and hurls it at Tsuna. Colonnello and Lal Mirch shout out that it was going to crush Tsuna. However, Tsuna is saved by Reborn in the nick of time, much to Iemitsu's surprise. He briefly fights Reborn until Reborn changes back to his baby form and leave the battle to Tsuna. Iemitsu resumes his fight agains Tsuna whose fighting style starts to get better than before, but they stopped when the watch announced the end of the second battle.

Shortly, Iemitsu receives information from Basil that the Simon Family has been defeated by the eighth team that is led by the Arcobaleno with the clear pacifier, Bermuda von Vichtenstein. Afterwards, he returns to his house along with Lal and Basil, but a Vindice without representative wristwatch abruptly appears in Iemitsu's house and attacks them to destroy his boss watch. Iemitsu, along with Basil and Lal fights the Vindice together and seems in par with him, but the Vindice damages Iemitsu's house, resulting Nana to come out as she hears the voice and the Vindice attacks her. When Colonello arrives from his meeting with other Arcobaleno, Iemitsu was heavily injured from protecting Nana and his boss watch was destroyed as a result.

Weapons and Abilities


  • Pickaxe: Iemitsu's only seen weapon is a pickaxe. He is proficient in using, as he was shown to be able to dig large holes in extremely short amounts of time. He was also able to blow a hole through a wall of Namimori Middle School while armed with his pickaxe.


HDWM Iemitsu

  • Hyper Dying Will Mode: This occurs when one has been hit with the Criticism Shot or has ingested two Dying Will Pills. Hyper Dying Will Mode removes internal limiters instead of the external ones, thus releasing one's hidden awareness. Iemitsu, however, is skilled enough to enter this mode without the pill or the bullet, being able to activate it at will.
  • Flame-Enhanced Punch: Iemitsu coats his arms in Sky Flames and punches the target.
  • Enhanced Strength: Iemitsu is extremely powerful and is able to lift a huge chunk of earth, one handed, with practiced ease.
  • Extreme Defense: Iemitsu is able to take on Tsuna's strongest attacks head on without being damaged or show any signs of injury.


  • Iemitsu joined the CEDEF, which is both part of, and yet separate from, the main family, and therefore makes him ineligible to be a candidate for the position of Boss of the Vongola.
  • According to Timoteo, the Vongola Ninth, Iemitsu was called the "Young Lion of the Vongola" in his prime.
  • Nana and Iemitsu are ranked first as a "loving married couple" by Fuuta.
  • Lambo, I Pin, Bianchi and Futa calls him PAPA.


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