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Character Outline

Adult & Current I-Pin

Adult and Current I-Pin

I-Pin is an assassin from Hong Kong. Even though the 5-year-old I-Pin cannot speak Japanese well, the 15-year-old "Future I-Pin" eventually enters a Japanese college, and despite the fact that she is the 3rd Most Promising Young Assassin (Fuuta ranked her as being the third out of 52,262 people for being a Promising Assassin), she works part-time at a ramen restaurant in the future, though she still retains her skills. Kawahira is a frequent customer of the Ramen Shop that the 15-year-old I-Pin works for; however, it seems that every time I-Pin goes to deliver the ramen, she is transported into the past by the Ten-Year Bazooka, and the noodles become soggy. When she is first seen, it is believed that she is a boy due to her unfeminine appearance. She would often beat up Lambo because she sees him as a "Broccoli Monster" due to her near-sightedness. She has a crush on Kyoya Hibari, who looks like her master Fon; as a result, every time she sees him, she gets shy and activates the Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion.


At present, she is mostly bald except for a single braid that has earned her the nickname "Tail-head" from Lambo. Her eyes are always closed and she wears a red cheongsam-style shirt with white sleeve cuffs over dark shorts. She has circular red spots on her cheeks and noticeably no ears. In the future, she has been shown wearing the same shirt over long, plain white trousers. When working, she wears a plain white uniform with a matching headscarf. Her older self styles her hair in two braids instead of one.

Plot Overview

Daily Life Arc

Her first appearance takes place as she is been given a mission to assassinate someone in Japan. However due to her near-sightedness she thinks Tsuna is her target and attempts to kill him instead. However, after clarification she immediately drops the mission and even ends up living at Tsuna's house. She spends her time either helping out Nana or chasing Lambo. Once, I-Pin accidentally gives Kyoko and Haru her Gyoza-Kempo buns, which contain the essence of 5 million gyoza, enough to kill a normal person. Fortunately, Reborn shoots both Kyoko and Haru with a Dying Will bullet, and, as they had the same dying will, were both able to survive.

Kokuyo Arc

I-Pin's Kick

Adult I-Pin in action

I-Pin is seen being whispered to by Reborn. Later, when Birds commands the Bloody Twins to attack Haru and Kyoko, her Future self and Future Lambo protect Haru and Kyoko from the twins.

Varia Arc

I-Pin, Fuuta, and Lambo are attacked by Leviathan's Varia Lightning Strike Squad. After Lambo is hit, I-Pin does battle with one of the assassins to protect them. When Tsuna shows up, it is revealed that even this young I-Pin successfully held her own against a Varia member.

Later on, she shows up with Hana and Kyoko to the Sun Ring Battle. She is at first alarmed at how still Lambo is, but finds out that he was only sleeping.

Future Arc

Arrival & Search for the Strongest

Future I-Pin and Future Lambo are seen briefly for this period; they are being attacked by Nosaru and Tazaru while trying to lead Haru and Kyoko to safety by means of Lambo's entrance to the hideout. Before Future Yamamoto has a chance to finish Nosaru off, he reverts to his past self and she, Haru, Kyoko, and Lambo switch places with their past forms, their past forms being knocked unconscious upon Nosaru's attack.

Ryohei later gives her a doll of her master Fon, which is shown to have a Red Storm Arcobaleno Pacifier.

While everyone was training for the Choice battle, Chrome wasn't eating properly and joining the others. One day, I-Pin went to her room and offered her a gyoza bun. Both of them sat in the room and ate together. After that, Chrome was starting to open up to the other girls (Bianchi, Kyoko, and Haru), and they all somewhat became friends.

Arcobaleno Trials Arc

I-Pin was one of the participants in Fon's Trial, but I-Pin didn't even try to catch her master; rather, she watched Tsuna and the other participants try to catch Fon, though she did want to help. When the trial was nearly over, I-Pin, who was hiding in the shadows since the beginning, intervened and prevented Fon's escape. They fought briefly using martial arts and Gyoza-Kempo, but her biggest accomplishment was when she used Gyoza-Kempo on Lambo, attacking him to send Fon flying into Tsuna's lap.

Choice Arc

I-Pin is not one of the participants in Choice and therefore watches the battle from the Vongola viewing area.

Future Final Battle Arc

After returning from the past with the rest of Tsuna's Family, I-Pin was always seen together with Kyoko, Haru and Yuni; however, they were interrupted when Zakuro, one of the Six Funeral Wreaths, attacked the Vongola Base. I-Pin and the other non-combat personnel were escorted outside by Tsuna and his Guardians.



I-Pin and Lambo have a sibling relationship. I-Pin sees Lambo as a spoiled, selfish child, similar to how Gokudera sees him. I-Pin is nearly always the first person to punish Lambo for misbehaving. She does, however, care for Lambo as seen when he was hospitalized during the Ring Conflict.


I-Pin respects and cares for her master Fon immensely, Fon also caring for I-Pin as well. Whenever I-Pin sees Fon, she happily greets him, Fon also replying that he was pleased to see her alright as well; however, I-Pin also knows the appropriate action for certain situations, assisting Tsuna in capturing Fon for Fon's Arcobaleno Trial.

Kyoya Hibari

Young I-Pin is shown to have a huge, endearing crush on Hibari, always blushing whenever she comes across him and activating her Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion due to embarrassment. Hibari seems to have a soft spot for her as well; in the anime, he accepted her Valentine's Day chocolates with a small smile, and he restrained from taking money from Tsuna upon seeing I-Pin's worried expression.

Weapons and Abilities

I Pin's Gyoza Fist

Gyoza Kempo

  • Gyoza-Kempo/Fist: An attack that combines her martial arts abilities with special Gyoza dumplings laced with the scent of garlic.
  • Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion: A special countdown begins and appears on the middle of her forehead. When the countdown gets to 1, she becomes a human bomb and an explosion follows, able to create a small crater.
  • Daisangen: A move only Future I-Pin uses; she lies on the enemy's shoulders while they are standing, locking their arms and head.


  • Future I-Pin's Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion was sealed by her master Fon, but the words "Broccoli Monster" cause it to reactivate.
  • Every time she sees Hibari, her Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion is activated, symbolizing her embarrassment and shyness around him. In her future form, however, she does not seem to be affected when she sees Hibari; she did cross paths with him once, but simply glanced at him and went to go deliver ramen.
  • I-pin literally has no ears, yet she can still hear just fine. Strangely, at the age of 15 years, she has fully-developed, normal ears.
  • Her first Japanese word was "delicious," which was said to Chrome about I-Pin's special buns that seemed to cause erratic movement (manga only).
  • Due to her single braid, she is called "Tail Head" (Shipu-atama) by Lambo.
  • She always forgets things and almost killed Kyoko and Haru with her Gyoza-Kempo buns, which contain the essence of 5 million gyoza, enough to kill a person.
  • I-Pin's name is a reference to the Mahjong Pinzu tiles.
  • I-Pin has really high "mafia hide-and-seek" rankings.
  • I-Pin has no ears but she senses hearing from somewhere around her forehead.
  • Future I-Pin is loosely based from the main character of Akira Amano's previous work, Petit Petit Rabbit.
  • Future I-Pin has a dragon tattoo like Fon, but on her leg in Reborn! Colore.
  • In the manga, I-Pin speaks in a kind of Chinese writing known as Grass Script, a style infamous for its difficulty to read. This is replaced by broken Japanese in the anime.
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