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I-Pin is a young assassin from Hong Kong, tasked with assassinating a target in Japan. She is Fon's apprentice, able to use the Gyoza-Kempo to disable enemies. She is also known as the "Human Bomb", due to her special technique, the Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion.


Current and Adult I-Pin

I-Pin was originally mistaken as a male due to her masculine appearance. I-Pin has black hair tied in single braid that stands upright. Her eyes are extremely slanted, causing her to have severe nearsightedness. She wears a red cheongsam-style shirt with white sleeve cuffs over dark shorts. She has circular red spots on her cheeks and has no ears.[6]

Ten years later, I-Pin has been shown wearing the same shirt over long, plain white trousers. When working, she wears a plain white uniform with a matching headscarf. Her older self styles her hair in two braids instead of one. She also has a dragon tattoo similar to Fon on her leg.[7]


I-Pin is normally energetic, friendly and shown having a fondness for food. She usually gets into fights with Lambo due to his playful antics. She is quite infatuated with Kyoya Hibari who resembles her master. She becomes extremely shy around him, causing her to activate the Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion.

I-Pin also tends to be forgetful, nearly killing Kyoko and Haru by accidentally feeding them Gyoza-Kempo buns, which contain the essence of 5 million gyoza, enough to kill a person.

Weapons and abilities[]

As a student of Fon and an assassin, I-Pin is very strong in combat. She can send a person flying with one kick.

I-Pin speaks broken Japanese, due to her Chinese heritage. Over the course of the series, she can speak a little conversational Japanese. Ten-years-later I-Pin is fluent in Japanese.

Gyoza Kempo

  • Gyoza-Kempo: An attack that combines her martial arts abilities with special Gyoza dumplings laced with the scent of garlic.
  • Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion: A special countdown begins and appears on the middle of her forehead. When the countdown gets to 1, she becomes a human bomb and an explosion follows, able to create a small crater.
  • Haisangen: A move only Future I-Pin uses; she lies on the enemy's shoulders while they are standing, locking their arms and head.


  • I-Pin's name comes from "one dot" (一筒, Īpin?), a Japanese term used to describe the Mahjong tile of the Dots suit numbered "1".
  • Future I-Pin's Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion was sealed by her master Fon, with the password "Broccoli Monster" (ブロッコリーの化け物, Burokkorī no Bakemono?).[6]
  • I-Pin has no ears, yet she can still hear just fine. Strangely, at the age of 15 years, she has fully-developed, normal ears.
  • In the manga, her first Japanese word was "delicious," which was said to Chrome Dokuro when she visited her room to offer a steam bun.
  • I-Pin has really high "mafia hide-and-seek" rankings.
  • Child I-Pin has no ears, but she senses hearing from somewhere around her forehead.[citation needed]
  • Future I-Pin is loosely based from the main character of Akira Amano's previous work, Petit Petit Rabbit.[citation needed]
  • In the manga, I-Pin speaks in a kind of Chinese writing known as Grass Script, a style infamous for its difficulty to read. This is replaced by broken Japanese in the anime.
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