Hyper Explosion is the 217th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Genkishi screeches that Tsuna is about to die at the hands of his own family. Shoichi watches on with an unreadable expression. I-Pin and Lambo's illusions cry as Genkishi prepares to deal a killing blow to Tsuna with the illusion of his Family. Tsuna tells I-Pin and Lambo to run, as a light glows and Spanner and Reborn watch in awe while Genkishi screeches in shock.

Suddenly, the illusions of Tsuna's family are moving away, their hands frozen by Tsuna's use of Vongola Primo's technique, Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition. Tsuna then uses X-Burner on Genkishi, exceeding the maximum power of the attack that Spanner had previously predicted. Genkishi's armor is then destroyed, but, with the last of his power, escapes. With Genkishi defeated, they finally reach the round white machine.

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