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Hyper Dying Will Mode, is a mode that can be entered when the user is shot with a Criticism Shot or having ingested two Dying Will Pills, and those who were more experienced can enter willingly.

This is the second and most used form of Dying Will that Tsuna takes, and becomes the only one that he uses after the Varia Arc.

Description[edit | edit source]

When someone enters Hyper Dying Will Mode, instead of having their external limiters removed, they have their internal limiters removed, therefore releasing the users hidden awareness.

It has been stated that when the internal limiters are lifted, awakens a person carrying Vongola blood's Vongola Hyper Intuition.

When entering Hyper Dying Will Mode, the user is able to fight calmly instead of using all of their dying will at once, with their pupils becoming a darker color and their irises becoming a lighter version of the original color of their eyes.

Unlike the previous Dying Will Mode, the user keeps their clothing intact.

Like Dying Will Mode, being in this mode makes the target feel as if their body was breaking, yet that they were prepared to take on anything as well as to be unafraid of their body being destroyed.

Users and Usages[edit | edit source]

Tsunayoshi Sawada[edit | edit source]

Tsuna uses Hyper Dying Will Mode for the first time

During the climax of the Kokuyo Arc, Mukuro Rokudo possesses the bodies of Hayato and Bianchi, as well as his subordinates, Ken and Chikusa in an attempt to defeat Reborn and possess Tsuna as well. Unfortunately for Tsuna, Reborn's pet chameleon, Leon, is unable to create a Dying Will Bullet in his current state and Reborn used the last one on Tsuna in order to defeat Lancia. As Mukuro's possessed bodies advance, Tsuna turns to Reborn for help but Reborn refuses and tells him to vent his true feelings to find the solution. Tsuna admits that he wants to defeat Mukuro. Suddenly, Leon glows brightly and Reborn tells Tsuna that Leon will finally emerge his wings. Reborn explains that when Leon goes through his cocoon stage, it means that his student is going to face a trial and that when he emerges from the state, Leon will disgorge a new item especially for his student after they have matured as well. Reborn explains to Tsuna that Leon disgorged a whip and Enzio for Dino when he was Reborn's student, much to Tsuna's surprise. Suddenly, Leon spits out a pair of wool mittens and the Rebuke Bullet. Reborn shoots Tsuna with the Rebuke Bullet, which brings out the calm fighting will and hidden awareness in him, and causes him to enter Hyper Dying Will Mode and his wool mittens to become the metal-clad X-Gloves.

HDWM Tsuna defeats Mukuro

With this new power, Tsuna sees through Mukuro's illusions and easily defeats the possessed warriors. This convinces Mukuro to use the Fifth Path, the most dangerous skill of his Six Paths of Reincarnation, in order to defeat Tsuna. Although he was initially caught off-guard by Mukuro's enhanced physical abilities, Tsuna overwhelms Rokudo with the power of his new X-Gloves. Seemingly defeated, Mukuro tells Tsuna to kill him, saying that he would rather die than be caught by the Mafia. Naturally, Tsuna refuses and turns around, but Mukuro instantly recovers and binds his arms. Mukuro attacks Tsuna and sends him flying through the room, straight for the blade of his Trident. However, Tsuna uses his X-Gloves to produce flames from his palms and propels himself to safety. Tsuna then charges at Mukuro and defeats him by purifying his dark aura with his Sky Flames.

After exiting Hyper Dying Will Mode, Tsuna becomes crippled with severe muscle spasms and collapses from the pain. Reborn explains that the Rebuke Bullet places stress on the body and the result of using it is severe pain. According to Reborn, Tsuna suffered from severe muscle pain for two weeks after using the Rebuke Bullet for the first time.

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