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Storm Arena

Hurricane Field.

The Hurricane Field (ハリケーンフィールド, Harikēn Fīrudo?) is the battlefield of the Storm Ring Battle of the Vongola Ring Conflict.

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The Hurricane Field covers the entire third floor of Namimori Middle School. Each room is equipped with a surveillance camera. The spectators can watch the battle on multiple televisions on the end of the hallway, but are barricaded by lasers to prevent intervention.

Hurricane Turbines (ハリケーンタービン, Harikēn Tābin?) are installed on numerous locations throughout the battlefield. They are special generators with four openings that periodically emit powerful blasts of wind. The direction of the wind also changes randomly. After fifteen minutes have passed, the bombs planted on each turbine will explode sequentially and destroy the entire floor.[1][2][3]

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