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Hot Summer Arrives! is the seventh volume of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series.

Synopsis Edit

A man called Giannini visits Reborn to make weapon adjustments but fails each time. When Gokudera is accidentally shot with Lambo's bazooka, he is turned into a small version of himself though ends up thwarting a duo of camouflaged assassins trying to kill Tsuna. In the next days, it is discovered that Tsuna is unable to swim, so all his friends attempt to teach him. Days later, Tsuna is once again taught how to swim, but this time in a competition that a gang made. In other chapters, there is a Halloween party, a Mafia event to entertain senior citizens, a detective game created by Reborn, and a festival in which Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Hibari end up defeating the same gang from the beach.

Chapters Edit

Author's note Edit

Author's note
Vol 07 author note

Haru's HaruHaru Interview Edit

*Translation credit: captivator

It's Haru, who went to the cake shop with Kyoko-san yesterday because it was Haru Appreciation Day! The two of us ate a lot of delicious things and were satisfied! Well then! The fourth Haru Haru Interview is Yamamoto Takeshi-san! We went to Yamamoto-san's sushi restaurant to collect his data! Tsuna-san coincidentally came the restaurant to return dishes! Yay~!

4th Issue: Takeshi Yamamoto-san Edit

Haru: The fourth Haru Haru Interview has outstanding reflexes! Nami Middle Baseball Club's hero, Yamamoto Takeshi-san!

Yamamoto: Hey hey, don't flatter me, I won't say anything.

Yamamoto's Dad: Hey! As expected, Haru-chan! You understand Takeshi well! I'll treat you to ootoro!

Haru: Uwah! Is it okay? Thank you very much!

Yamamoto: Hey, pops~ isn't that why you're called a doting parent?

Tsuna: But the truth is, Yamamoto is our ace, #4.

Yamamoto's Dad: And an ootoro for Tsuna-kun too! Before that, I'll bring you something good, so wait here.

Tsuna: Ah, no... I didn't say it for that!

Yamamoto: Hahaha! It's okay, it's okay, keep something that's given to you.

Haru: Well then, let's go to the questions! Please tell us your height and weight.

Yamamoto: If I remember right, they're 177 cm and 63 kg.

Haru: As expected, you're tall, aren't you. Hmm? But the difference between you and Gokudera-san is only 5cm, isn't that strange? As expected, that person is suspicious!

Yamamoto: Hmm?

Tsuna: H,hey, it's fine, Haru! They're both taller than me, and I'm envious.

Haru: Haru doesn't care about things like height! Well then, please tell us your birthday.

Yamamoto: April 24th, I'm a Taurus.

Haru: You have a spring birthday like Haru! It's just intuition, but Yamamoto's blood type is O, isn't it?

Yamamoto: You got it! Well said~

Haru: Of course! Because O-types are calm and don't worry over small things.

Tsuna: That certainly is Yamamoto...

Yamamoto's Dad: Because the same blood flows through his daddy~!

Yamamoto: That's how you come back?

Tsuna+Haru: Ahahaha!

Yamamoto's Dad: Look! If you look at this, things about Takeshi will be very apparent!


Tsuna: Ooh! An album!

Yamamoto: If you look, you'll be bored.

Tsuna: Uwah, he's been wearing a baseball uniform since he was that small!

Haru: Wahhh! Cute!

Yamamoto: Hahaha! You really won't find any photos of me in plain clothes~

Tsuna: T...this is amazing...

Haru: Hahi~! It seems like Yamamoto Takeshi was a dyed-in-the-wool, admirable baseball boy! Well then, please look forward to next time!

Dokusha no Ajito Edit

Dokusha no Ajito or Reader's Hideout is the fanart section in volumes. They include commentary from various characters.

Characters Introduced Edit

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