Hospitalization is the 29th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Tsuna is brought by Dino and his men to a mountain side in order to train him with using a whip. Dino gives Enzio some water causing his size to grow and be Tsuna's sparring partner. As Enzio approaches him, Tsuna immediately uses the whip to send him flying, causing Dino to comment that Tsuna has good instincts. However, Enzio falls into a well causing him to grow even bigger. Dino and his men are able to subdue it but Tsuna gets injured causing him to be hospitalized.

In the hospital, Tsuna is forced to share a room with three people and they decide to make him their slave. However, Dino and his men arrives to check up on Tsuna and give him a gun, frightening the patients who run out of the room. After the commotion, Tsuna is told off by the nurse and moved to another room. Tsuna is pleased to find out that he is in a private room when Reborn, I-Pin, Haru and Kyoko arrive. The four try to perform some exorcism on Tsuna but leave when Reborn comments that Tsuna is getting angry at them. After the four leave, the nurse begins to tell Tsuna off again when Yamamoto arrives carrying some of his dad's sushi. Adult Lambo arrives too and gives him his Good Job on Cleaning the Bathroom reward as a get well present. Gokudera also arrives and the three are surprised to see that he is also injured. Gokudera gives Tsuna some White Roses that turned Bloody Red due to his injuries. Suddenly, a group of nurses cause the door to give way. Tsuna is told by the nurse to not invite people that can seduce the nurses and moves him to another room.

Tsuna enters the room and is surprised to see Kyoya Hibari waiting for him and is even more surprised when he sees that Hibari attacked all his other roommates for being noisy. He warns Tsuna about making any sounds and takes a nap. Tsuna then notices that Lambo and I-Pin are outside the door. Tsuna goes outside to see Lambo set off a grenade that Tsuna immediately tosses outside the window. Just then, Tsuna notices that I-Pin activated her Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion and Tsuna realizes that she is in love with Hibari. Tsuna throws I-Pin out of the window too but ends up being beaten up by an angry Hibari. Tsuna is moved into the serious injury ward where he is surprised that Gokudera has been admitted to the hospital too and comments that his life in the hospital will never be quiet. Reborn then informs Tsuna that he asked Tsuna to be moved to a quieter place and Tsuna ends up in a dead inspired room...

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