Hibari Returns is the 105th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Hibari returns to the school, angry at the destruction, stating that everyone would be bitten to death. Levi expresses his anger at Hibari's taking down of his subordinates. As the Cervello prepare to reprimand Hibari for his behavior, Levi A Than attacks Hibari, Hibari simply tripping Levi in response. Mammon and Squalo converse about Hibari, commenting that he was Gola Mosca's opponent.

As Squalo prepares to attack Hibari with a grin, the Cervello intervene, stating that fighting between Guardians outside of Ring Battles would result in both the Guardians' disqualification. Yamamoto attempts to calm Hibari down, but Hibari prepares to strike Yamamoto, stating that he was in the way. However, Yamamoto, with his heightened reflexes, quickly makes his way behind Hibari and grabs hold of his arm, stopping Hibari's tonfa attack. Yamamoto, still having a kind expression on his face, requests Hibari to leave Squalo to him, as he was his opponent, asking him to be patient.

Hibari, however, refuses to listen, stating that anyone that got in his way would be bitten to death. Reborn, however, greets Hibari and states that if he fought here, he would lose a chance to be able to fight Mukuro. Hibari then tells the Cervello to take care of the building's damage, as well as telling Yamamoto to not lose to Squalo. Reborn then comments that this showed how affected he was by his defeat at Mukuro's hands.

Squalo then screeches at Yamamoto, asking where he learned to move so quickly. As Squalo leaves, he confidently screeches that his chances of winning have gone from 0% to still 0%. Gokudera, still in need of treatment, requests Doctor Shamal to help him, but Shamal refuses, stating that he doesn't treat male patients. Romario and Dino then come in, Romario offering to treat Gokudera. Reborn asks Dino how much Hibari improved, but Dino didn't give an answer, stating that Hibari's capacity for growth had no limits. Dino then informs Yamamoto that Squalo was originally supposed to be the leader of the Varia.

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