Hibari, Incoming! is the 320th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Hibari jumped off from the helicopter, surprising the others. As Kusakabe left, Hibari asked Adelheid Suzuki where the other "little animal" was that "ran wild" during the Inheritance Ceremony (meaning Enma, as stated by Reborn). Adelheid then tells Hibari that the boss of Simon, Enma, is different from the cowardly boss of Vongola and never lump them together. Hibari, however, didn't see any difference and stated that it was just a territory, surprising Tsuna and Gokudera. Adelheid then challenged Hibari to a duel, which Hibari accepted since he already saw the size of the fangs of her beast from the fight on the rooftop before, then claimed that she couldn't bite him to death.

Seize of Armbands

The Battle for the armbands

Hibari began to insult Adelheid by saying that she'll make a good outlet for his frustration as a lump of meat. This angered Adelheid further who countered that Hibari still didn't understand the terrifying strength of Simon. She then revealed her pride, which is the "Simon Family led by Enma and the will to cleanse" while Hibari's pride is "Namimori Middle's Disciplinary Committee and the iron hammer for those who disturb its order", which commented by Gokudera, that he knew it will become like this and Reborn said that Hibari is just sparkling right now. Adelheid who thought so, decided that they will battle for the armbands, whoever takes the opponent's armband first wins. Hibari says that they don't need to decide on any means, since he completely stressed out and anything that divert that into is fine by him.

Glacier Flame

Adelheid revealed her Glacier Flame

Adelheid then revealed her flames, Glacier Flames, and motioned Hibari to follow her to the stage where their battle will be. Adelheid then froze the entire waterfall to help her reach the ground safely. Reborn commented that she's strong which is why she's practically the leader of the Simon Famiglia. As Hibari walked to the waterfall, he confronted Tsuna and told him that his face just now is boring and tells him to look closely at his fight, which surprised Tsuna. As Hibari jumped, he summoned Roll, who squealed in horror because he was falling but Hibari calmed him down and ordered him to change to Needle Ball form, which Roll did so and helped Hibari to reach the ground safely like Adelheid did.

Hibari Vongola Gear

Hibari revealed his Vongola Gear

From afar, Julie Kato and Chrome Dokuro are watching and Julie asks Chrome who is "the number one bad guy" out of everyone there. Chrome looked at Hibari, then to Tsuna, Gokudera, and Reborn and she pointed out and answered Tsuna. Julie said that she's right as he changed back to Demon Spade who says that Tsuna has inherited the thick blood of Vongola Primo and he's a dangerous factor of the Vongola. He continues on, saying the they must eliminate the reminder of Vongola Primo's bitter legacy and in order to do that, they need his own abilities. He says to Chrome that she knows what she can do for him, which Chrome replied yes. But Demon ordered her to say it with her mouth and Chrome said that she offers her body and Mukuro's to Daemon, which made Demon comment that she's a nice girl and they get along just fine. As he focused back to the scene, he commented that as far as eliminating Tsuna and the others, Adelheid should be more than enough by herself. He stated if she's not in Simon Family, his plan may have never worked at all and she's a passion of Simon.

Back to the battle, Adelheid demanded Hibari to equip his Vongola Gear. Hibari orders Roll to go to Cambio Forma. Roll did so and merged with Hibari, revealing his Vongola Gear that modified his uniform, tonfa, and Hibird. Adelheid then prepares to attack, starting the battle between the "Seething Ice Queen" and "Carnivorous Prefect of Discipline".

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