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The Helper's Book is a book that Basil found next to him when he first arrived in the future. It contains numerous information about the items and the events of the world of ten-years-later.


The Helper's Book is a small, blue notepad with its Japanese name written on the cover. Sky Flames burn on the top of the book, near the ribbon holding it together.


Various things are written inside, some of which, according to Basil, are instructions about how to use Box Weapons, the location of the Vongola Underground Base, the battles that have taken place in the future, and information on the enemy, Byakuran. During the preparations for the final battle with Byakuran, when Gamma explained about Alfin's power to communicate with other Box Animals, Basil said that the Helper's Book had some info about this fact too.

Basil stated that the one who wrote the book gave him orders through the written instructions to assist the "young Vongola". Basil also mentioned that it was a top-secret book and, if necessary, it must be burned to remain secret.

Basil once said to Reborn that every time he read it, his Japanese samurai spirit woke up within him and thrilled him. The book has Sky Flames at the top working as a seal. Reborn said that it was authentic, meaning that someone with a Sky-attribute Flame wrote it.