As of 25 May 2018, FANDOM has fully removed the Monobook skin. Due to this, some users who have used Wikia before the skin change may see the Oasis skin (the current skin) as too cramped or unreadable. Unfortunately, if you are still using Monobook, you will have to switch to the default skin. You may find it's much faster, nicer and easier to use than you remember, since FANDOM has been improving the site on its end as optimization improves over time. If you want to partially keep Monobook's appearance, w:c:dev:PseudoMonobook may solve your problems.

How to apply PseudoMonobook

  • First, create a blank page with the name: User:<USERNAME>/wikia.css.
    E.g. - User:AlienGamer/wikia.css
  • Then copy and paste the following code:
@import url('/load.php?mode=articles&articles=u:dev:MediaWiki:PseudoMonobook.css&only=styles');

For anonymous users, unfortunately, to make any changes to the way you view the wikia, you'll have to create an account. The upside to creating an account, other than having a more pleasing browsing expreience is:

  • This will only be a one-time thing. Once you've created an account, you won't have to change the view settings anymore.
  • View pages with no ads! (albeit glitchy)
  • The communtity will know who you are, and you can communicate with them more easily. It's easier to make friends in a site when they know who you are.
  • Some pages which can't be edited by being an anon can now be edited once you have an account.
  • The credit for any edit you make will go to you.
  • You can upload images onto the Wikia! But please make sure that you follow our Image Policy.

New look notes

  • Recent Changes and a few other features cannot be seen in this new skin. At the bottom of every page is a toolbar that you can customize to your liking. Some tools can also be seen under the "Explore" tab on top of every page.
  • Move, Protect, Delete, and Page History are now under "Edit".

Keyboard Shortcuts


If this is confusing in any way or you have questions, just ask an Admin to do this for you. They'll be happy to help you out should you need it!

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