So, you're new to Wikis and want to help out by adding some wanted images, but have no clue how. Well, look no further! Below is a detailed description of how to add pictures and stills, with pictures and stills!

Manga PicsEdit

You're on MangaReader or MangaStream, and you see an awesome pic of Tsuna busting out the X-Burner. But you aren't sure how to add it to your favorite Wiki, don't you just hate that? Well, read on fellow KHR enthusiast!

1: The Image GrabEdit

Image Grab X-Burner

The pic in question.

Image Grab X-Burner 2

Right-Click, Highlight and Select Copy/Copy Image.

Image Grab X-Burner 3

Open Paint(ctrl p) Edit -->Paste.

Image Grab X-Burner 4

There! Now, you have the pic at your mercy.

2: Cutting the ExcessEdit

Cutting the Excess X-Burner

Now, press the Select tool to de-select the image. Then, press it again so you can specify an area.

Cutting the Excess X-Burner 2

This image is big, so focus on getting Tsuna X-Burning inside the Select-ed area.

Cutting the Excess X-Burner 3

Move the cursor inside the Select-ed area. Right click, and copy the image part.

Cutting the Excess X-Burner 4

Open a new canvas, then right click the canvas and press Paste. Voila! You've got the image you want!

3: All's Saved that You SaveEdit

All's Saved that You Save

Go to File-->Save As, and name your Image.

All's Saved that You Save 2

When editing, press this button and follow the steps!

Vid StillsEdit

You're laying back, watching Hibari fighting on Youtube for the fourth time when you catch a glimpse of your favorite character-Genkishi! You know your favorite Wiki is lacking an anime pic for him, so you do us a solid and decide to put the image up. One don't know how. Easily solved, my good friend!

1: Pause 'N GrabEdit

Pause 'N Grab

Pause on the frame you want, and tap PrtSc(Print Screen) above your /backspace key.

Pause 'N Grab 2

Paste it to Paint, same way as with right-clicking, and use Select to crop the image you want.

Pause 'N Grab 3

Now, just save the pic, and upload it to the Wiki!

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