Template:Rain Weapons The Hedgehog Yo-Yo is Chikusa Kakimoto's choice of weapon. The yo-yo is red, butterfly-shaped, and has long strings for ranged attacks and small holes on its sides. It was first used in Chikusa's battle with Gokudera.

The holes in the yo-yo are capable of shooting needles, and the strings attached are also harmful, as Chikusa was able to slice Gokudera's dynamite sticks with them. Moreover, the speed the yo-yo moves is extremely fast. The needles inside of the yo-yo number in the millions until a point where Chikusa has a "Needle Shower" attack, from which the name "Hedgehog Yo-Yo" is derived. Ten years in the future, Chikusa is also able to cover the needles in Rain Flames.

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