Hayato Gokudera vs. Shitt P! is the 315th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Shitt P! is surprised to see Gokudera smoking a pipe. However, Gokudera tells her that the pipe is actually part of his Vongola Gear. Shitt P! compliments it and tells them that she would like to shove 20 of them up her nose, surprising Tsuna and Gokudera. Gokudera tries to recover by asking about the rules but Shitt P! says that it's already been decided and that they are going to pop balloons. Gokudera is confused about this but Shitt P! gives him some Fiamma Balloons and tells him to light it up similar to the way he light his ring. Gokudera does what she asked and is surprised to see the balloons floating, thinking that they are alien weapons. Shitt P! then lights her own balloons and tells Gokudera that the balloons are as delicate as rubber balloons and that they would follow them within a one meter radius. Shitt P! continues by saying that the rules are whoever pops both their opponents balloons first is the winner.

Gokudera is relieved by this, saying that he was wondering how he would feel if he hit a girl, even though he thinks Shitt P! is just a U.M.A in the form of one, and that he will be able to run wild with his Vongola gear. Shitt P! continues to tell him that their field is the entire town and that if they are not finished within five minutes, it's a tie, which would result both of them to be imprisoned just like Kouyou and Ryohei. Gokudera agrees with the rules but first tells Tsuna and the others to get to somewhere safe. After the others leave, the battle begins.

Air Bomb

Gokudera uses his new technique, Rocket Bomb Version X. Shitt P! sees this and comments that their speed and power have increased and also gained homing abilities and uses her equipment to melt them. Gokudera tries to back away when Shitt P! approaches. However, Shitt P! easily outruns him and manages to grapple him, explaining that she loves everyone including him but she loves her self the most and then pops one of his Balloons. Gokudera tries to recover, but is unable to move due to Shitt P!'s Ground Fermentation, which changes the spot Gokudera is standing on into a swamp. Gokudera uses his Air Bomb, a new technique from his Vongola Gear, blasting himself into the air and freeing himself from the swamp.

As Gokudera recovers, Shitt P! begins to taunt him about Tsuna being no good. She tells Gokudera that when she was closely observing him, she saw that he managed to push himself to see Tsuna as the boss, looking past all of Tsuna's no good parts. She thinks that Tsuna is ignorant and begins to tell the group about Tsuna's bad grades, his perverted nature and shows them a picture of him when he saw Kyoko's skirt blown up by the wind, Reborn is impressed that Shitt P! knew a lot of things about Tsuna while Tsuna begins to cry out of embarrassment. Shitt P! tells Gokudera to wake up, asking if he would not see him as a loser if Tsuna wasn't Vongola Decimo. Tsuna begins to get worried about Gokudera but is surprised to see him unaffected. A sudden explosion behind Shitt P! causes one of her balloons to burst. Shitt P! asks Gokudera where the dynamites come from but Gokudera doesn't answer her and tells her that he knew all about the no good parts of Tsuna, much to Tsuna's dismay. Gokudera continues on that the reasons Shitt P! gave him is just a tenth of the Tsuna he knows, the tenth about the Vongola boss that he respect, surprising Shitt P! and Tsuna. Gokudera then challenges Shitt P! to see who is stronger...

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